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There has been an increased concern about children’s medications over the last few years. It seems like new warnings and guidelines are coming out all the time about the side effects these medications can have on younger children. According to the Center for Disease Control thousands of children under the age of 12 go to emergency rooms each year after taking cough and cold medicines. Something that is supposed to make our children feel better is landing them in the hospital? That doesn’t sound right at all! So I’ve thrown out all of the cough and cold medicines in my house and replaced them with natural remedies and options. Not being about to read the ingredients on the bottle is a concern to me and the side effects that accompany them worries me even more. Here is a look at some of the “scary” I see in over the counter cough and cold medicines. 

As moms we love getting snuggles from our little ones, but its not the same when they feel bad. You just want to scoop them up and take all their pain and sniffles away. Photo Nov 09, 5 12 38 PM

This post is brought to you by Maty’s Healthy Products. These are my honest opinions about their great line. chemicalcompare-01

A new brand that I’ve just discovered is Maty’s Healthy Products, their story comes strait from a Mother’s concern. In 1996, Carolyn and Bob Harrington experienced every parents nightmare when they were told that their daughter, Maty, was born with severe heart defects. Something I know a little something about. Any parent with a child with health issues can relate to this situation. You become an avid label reader to make sure your child isn’t going to have an adverse side effect to an ingredient. Carolyn created natural products using methods that weren’t widely used anymore and Maty’s Healthy Products was born. 

Their line isn’t just from children either, they offer products to relieve coughs, colds, and congestion with ointments, cough syrups and rubs. Not only are Maty’s made with all natural ingredients like buck wheat honey, they have a long list of antioxidant rich ingredients that allow Maty’s to have a long shelf life. Something I never really thought about before in regards to the natural remedies that I’ve used in the past. matycompare

I had a chance to speak with Carolyn and her husband Bob and I learned a lot from them in regards to their products and some of the main reasons they are so passionate about all natural products. Despite the fact that the research has been around for a little while, I had no idea that the ingredients in Vicks VapoRub can irritate the airways and increase mucus production. Especially in infants and young children (under 2) who have very small airways to begin with. Which means that if your babies airway is already restricted from mucus that the vapor rub can make it worse. I imagine this is especially true in the case of preemie’s as well since their lungs were under developed when they were born. I know my little one has a lower immune system then my full term child. Maty’s all natural Baby Chest Rub is menthol free and uses essential oils like lavender and chamomile to relieve coughs and congestion so that your baby can get a good nights sleep.  It has also been awarded a few parenting awards for the best cold and flu relief. So has their cough syrup. 

What I put into my children matters to me and I know that it matters to countless other mom’s as well. Having the option to used plant and food based ingredients over synthetic and possibly harmful ones is important. Maty’s Healthy Products are available in stores across the country and even online at stores like Amazon, and .


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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