Mazda Mazda3 with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY Review

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Mazda3 with SkyActivI got the chance to test drive the new Mazda3 with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. This was a fun little car to drive. It has some great features that I plan on looking for in our next vehicle. Mazda created the SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and it increases fuel efficiency and engine output. It’s a huge step in fuel efficiency. Here are some of the features that I loved about the Madza3.

Blind Spot Detector- This is something that should be standard on all vehicles. When there is a car in your blind spot an icon shows up on your side mirrors. If you have your turn signal on and there is a car in the blind spot it makes an audible sound to alert you not to move over yet. In a world of distractions it’s nice to know that my car is looking out for me.

HD Radio – I am over the moon in love with HD radios. You get twice as many channels as a regular radio. In Atlanta that’s a big deal because we only seem to have Pop, Hispanic and Christian channels. But the HD channels provide more options so that I don’t go crazy.

IMG_0037Adaptive Front Lighting System – The headlights move when you turn the steering wheel to light the way before you turn. Very cool.

The Mazda3 is a smaller car so if you have big carseats that are rear facing the front passenger will be squished. But if you have older kids they should have plenty of room. It has ample trunk space to store a stroller and groceries.

There was a cool feature that I didn’t even realize until I took it out late one night. There is a blue light that shines on your feet. I would have loved to have a car like this when I was younger. It was a fun drive. If I didn’t have kids to tote around I’d like one. It’s so sporty.

Check out my full video about all the great features including what it looks like with a rear facing car seat in it.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Great Review! Thank you so much! I love my Toyota and Hubby loves his but his has over 250,000 miles so we may be looking for a car soon.

    Loved the video and I have a car seat in my car on weekends 🙂 So that was very helpful! Thanks Meghan!

    Leslie Loves Veggies


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