Mickey Mouse Bats – Free Cut File

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Decorate your homes with Mickey Mouse bats. This easy craft uses plastic folders to make them last longer and are great for indoor or outdoor use.

Maybe you have a lot of plastic folders left in the back-to-school section of your local store. You can get them in any color you like, but black makes them really pop on the wall. Grab your Cricut and the Purple Strong grip mat to make cutting a breeze.

Decorate with Mickey Mouse Bats

Mickey Mouse Bats

Make fun Mickey bats to decorate your home for Halloween.


  • Cricut
  • Purple strong grip mat
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Step 1: Design Space

  • Download the SVG file. Upload file to design space and change the sizing of the bats to your preferred size (approx 8.4” x 2.8” for large bats and 6.6” x 2.2” for small bats – you will get 3 large bats and 2 small ones per side of the folder).
    cut plastic folders
  • Hit attach and then “make it” to continue.
  • Adjust the material dial or setting to “plastic packaging” and I like to use “more pressure”.

Step 2: Prep cutting mat

  • Cut off each side, including the pockets, using every bit of the folder as possible. Load onto the purple strong grip mat as normal.
    cut plastic with Cricut
  • Using the plastic folders allows the bats to be water proof for indoor or outdoor use.

Step 3: Folding bats

  • After bats are cut, remove them off and away from the cutting mat. Using the ruler, create a score down the center and use the ruler to create a curl in the wings.

Step 4: Decorate

  • If using bats indoors, use glue dots or double sided tape to adhere to the walls.
    Decorate with Mickey Mouse Bats
  • If using outdoors, you can use tacky putty or command strips to adhere to surfaces like doors, siding or the garage
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