Mom Confessions to Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Everyone has them – little mom confessions that you keep to yourself. Some are so secret, your closest mom friends and even your husband don’t know about them. Because let’s face it, parenting can be messy and chaotic at times. So here are some great mom confessions from some of my friends that I thought you would enjoy.

The village stands with you. When you’re carrying a sick baby at the pharmacy line and she poops and throws up all over you (sorry mom), or when your friend drops everything to take you and your bleeding child to the urgent care for stitches, remember that we all stand together.

Add in multiple kids and you’ll get all kinds of crazy stories! 1930695_531015958068_1928_n copy

Here is my #SickJustGotReal moment.

“I hid in the pantry the other day and ate a fruit snack. I didn’t want to share with my kids”. – Lindsey

“I’ve told people my kids are sick to get out of going to a gathering.” – Meg

“I said I wouldn’t bring any more toys into this house, but that deal at the store was too good to pass up.” – Krystyn

“I tell my daughter that the ‘restaurant with arcade games’ is only open for birthdays.” – Kim

“I buy snacks and treats that I say the kids can’t have but eat them in the car before I make it back home.” – Ashley

“My sister once bought me a bath pillow because she thought I loved taking crazy long baths. The truth is that I was in the tub hiding from my kids.” – Kuleen

“I had brownies for dinner when I was on my period. I let the kids have brownies for dinner, too.” – Amanda

“It’s summer vacation and swimming totally counts as a bath for my kids, at least a few times each week!” – Calley

“I volunteer to do the laundry so I can hide in my room and binge on TV while I ‘do the laundry’ for 10 hours on a Saturday.” – Karen

“Sometimes I hide annoying toys and then pretend to find them months later. My son has no idea and then I become a hero for finding them.” –  Danielle

“When my oldest son had to go to summer school in 4th grade, I told him it was Reading Camp so he would think it was fun.” – Lisa

“Every night I tell my toddler that the whole family is going to sleep when we are really playing games or watching a movie and having snacks.” – Julie

“I have told my teen, ‘I think that venue might be 18+’ when I didn’t want to buy an extra concert ticket for the teen… (I will rapidly go broke if I bring her with me to every venue!)” – Jennifer 

“I closed a 30k deal while changing my son’s Rotavirus diaper.” – Kim (read the full story here)

What are some of your mom confessions?Photo Jun 17, 8 46 31 AM

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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