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If you’re new to the Blogging / Sharing all over the internet universe or an experienced pro there are lots of easy ways that you can earn money or points that can be redeemed for gift cards. I thought I’d share some of the things that I have found to be very beneficial for me. Easy things like sending a tweet, sharing a deal or opening an email.

Very simple especially if your sitting at home with your children anyways.

You Data – Advertisers Come to you
This program pairs companies with you based on your interests. When you first sign up you’ll be asked to fill out a bunch of questionnaires. This way You Data can show you ads that interest you. They have a handy download as well that you can use right on your desktop. You load the ads and then collect the money. It links directly to your PayPal account so it direct deposits it every couple of days. The companies that use You Data are pretty interesting too. You never know, you might find a hidden gem. Make sure to check your surveys every so often, they tend to add some and not tell you about it.

Sponsored Tweets

If you have a Twitter account, and more than 100 followers you need a Sponsored Tweets account. You get to pick the advertisers, things you tweet and how much you want to get paid! And if you have friends that know your part of the program they can help you out by clicking the ads to get you paid faster.

Affiliate Programs
Lots of companies have affiliate programs. If there is a company you know and love check and see if they have an affiliate program. They are normally easy to find. If you scroll to the very bottom of some pages it is listed. Also check in the about us sections. Now most companies use a third party company to handle their affiliates. Sites such as Link Share, Google Affiliate Network and Commission Junction are a few of the biggest.
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After you apply and are accepted by the company they equip you with Text and Banner links. Some list great Coupon Codes as well like the two listed above.  Banner ads are great ways to earn money. Depending on the company you can earn a certain percentage of the sale or a flat rate. With millions of companies to choose from such as Apple iTunes, Baby Star, Snuggie, Groupon, Giggle, Cafemom, and, I’m sure you’ll find something that your users will love and surly click to help put a little money in your pocket for bringing them there.

Google Adsense
If your site qualifies for a Google Adsense account make sure you get one. On the Blogger platform this is very easy. It will place ads on your site the way you want them. Once you get your ID make sure you sign up for AdSense for Feeds as well. I use Feedburner so all I had to do was say put ads every three posts and there they were. AdSense “crawls” your content and picks ads that will be relevant to the content on the page. If you blogged about a computer virus hitting your computer, it lists ads about anti-virus software. It’s a great Pay per click system.

Referral Programs
Now referral programs are different than Affiliate programs. If you have deals to help save your readers money on your site pay attention.  There are numerous sites that list deals each day. Site you can simple sign up with your Facebook account. Most of these sites offer a referral program that offers you Site Credit in return for new members (or purchasers). Some being $5 some being $10. Lets just say I get most of my Groupons for free 😉

  • Groupon
  • Juice in the City
  • Tippr
  • Adility
  • Living Social and the Newest Living Social Escapes (my new favorite site)
  • Plum District
  • Scoop Mama
  • FamGrab
  • There are many more that you can get referrals for that you have to email your friends.

Reading Emails and Surveys
There are a few websites I visit to earn points in which I redeem for gift cards. One of them is a fairly new site and so far I’ve only done a few surveys. It’s called My Opinion Now. You take surveys and earn points that you can redeem for products in their catalog.

The other big one is My Points. This is by far the easiest way to get free stuff! I open emails, take surveys, do searches and shop online (just like I normally would) and earn lots of points. Just for signing up and completing your profile you’ll earn points. You can also download the MyPoints Toolbar and use it in place of your Google searches so that you earn points. Plus if you are on a website that is part of their shopping network it will alert you that you could be earning points. So far I’ve redeemed lots of points. Visa gift cards, restaurant gift cards.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Crowd Tap is a great website that lets you earn points and money for you and for a charity.

This comes in the form of an advertising, marketing or PR company requesting you to review a product for them or even offering your readers a product as well. Now you can be proactive
and join BzzAgent which is a Word of Mouth Marketing agency that has millions of users that visit sites and write reviews in order to get better Bee status. Then you start qualifying for BzzCampaigns. Some products I’ve gotten to try for free are Burt’s Bees Acne System, Orbit Gum, Got2B Hair Products, Aveeno Baby, Chili’s and Boston Market. I normally get enough free products or coupons to share with lots of people which is the point, to share.

Lots of bloggers get offers from companies, no matter how big or small your blog is letting them know you are a Public Relations Friendly Blog. Most people choose a cute button to place in their side bar. Of course if you get listed with the MANY PR Blog list they normally provide you with a button (that links back to their site of course).

If your a business owner, or even just an Etsy shop owner you can use bloggers to grow a fan base and share your product with a community that loves to share. So tap into the Mommy Blogger community, you won’t regret it.

Make sure you have a Media Kit as well. A page that lists important information that an advertiser looks for.

  1. Contact information such as a good email to reach you
  2. What is your blog about? List a general category that your blog falls into.
  3. Site statistics, Unique Page visits are the main one they are looking for.
  4. Where you publicize your site (Facebook, Twitter)
  5. Guidelines and your policy on doing reviews.

No matter what way you choose it’s easy to make money online. I hope these choices work for you as much as they have worked for me.

Share Your Content
The last one I just learned about is Bukisa. Which is a site that you can write your own original content. Like How to articles such as this one and monetize on it.You can also share videos, audio and slide show presentations. So if you are very knowledgeable about a certain topic why not share your knowledge while making money off it?

If you found this article helpful please vote for me and share the content with your friends. Thank for reading.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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