My Selena Gomez Interview and Justin Beiber Encounter

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Wow last week was something big. Like teenage girl big. I got an amazing opportunity presented to me. One that I almost backed out of it. What I thought was going to be a big interview turned out to be something so much more. 

I was asked to do an interview with Selena Gomez for her new upcoming movie Monte Carlo. Now when I was asked I thought it was going to be a press type thing where there are a bunch of us and her at a table at the front of the room. But it wasn’t. I headed to the Four Seasons hotel during my lunch break and got to valet park and hang out in their super swanky lobby. I realize then that there are only a few of us. As in me and 3 other people. That’s it. Wow, cool beans. I turned around in my seat to look out the front door when I noticed someone familiar walking towards me. I even said in my head, Wow that kid looks really familiar! And then it dawns me, THAT IS JUSTIN BEIBER! You know what my mind did next? The same thing that notmally happens when I realize I know someone. I say, Oh Hey! How are you? I just asked Justin Beiber how he was doing, like I know him. LOL. But he did respond carrying his bags of Chil-fil-A. I’m doing good how are you? Thats when I froze and he walked past me. All i could think was that my 15 year old sister is going to freak. Probably never talk to me again, freak.

Then we head upstairs. We are in the presidential suite on the top floor. Sitting in a few couches with water and fruit. We shake hands with Selena Gomez and go to town asking her questions. She is a super cute girl. Near the end of the interview I turn around and see that Justin just is just hanging out behind us playing on his phone and joking with Selena’s assistant.

I got in my car and had to say to myself. Did that just happen? Wow what a crazy day. Not only did I get to interview Selena Gomez but her celebrity teen heart throb in the same day. Very cool.

So go check out my interview with Selena Gomez. About her new movie, Monte Carlo.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Thought the same thing you did.. it would be too busy and hectic. Oh well, Madelyn was throwing up Thursday anyway so I couldn’t have done it even if I said yes. 🙁 The kids were thrilled when they got to sit in on a phone interview I did with Selena about a year ago. That’s good enough for them! 🙂


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