New Ever After High Dolls

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Ever After High dolls reviewI’m so excited about the new Ever After High dolls from Mattel! If you have girls that love Monster High then they are sure to love the newest story. Instead of the children of monsters though they are the children of fairy tale and fantasy stories. The school has two groups of characters, the Rebels and the Royals. The Royals are the characters that look forward to their destinies and follow their paths to get there. The Rebels on the other hand do not like their destinies, maybe because they are evil or far less favorable so they are looking to change them. 

Ever After High dolls review

The dolls are really beautiful. The outfits are extremely creative and the detail is fantastic. Pictured here we have Apple White (daughter of Snow White), Madeline Hatter (Daughter of the Mad Hatter), Raven Queen (daughter of the Evil Queen) and Briar Beauty (Daughter of Sleeping Beauty). These were the first dolls released in the line, but Mattel just introduced the Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman set. The story is still fresh and new so new characters are being released. 

Ever After High Madeline Hatter

My favorite is the Madeline Hatter doll. She has the cutest hair out of the bunch. It’s a teal blue and purple color. Her makeup matches it also. She has a teacup headband, spoon earrings, necklace, ring, teapot purse and fluffy cuffs and her hands are painted to look like gloves. 

Madeline Hatter Shoes

Her shoes look like teacups and she has fun blue polka dot stockings. Each doll comes with a doll stand and a hair brush that looks like a key. The dolls are geared towards children 6 years and older. They have small accessories and the story lines are better understood by older children. You can learn more about the Ever After High dolls at and make sure you check out their YouTube Channel

Take a closer look at the dolls by watching my video! 

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