Not So little Peanut Any More

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So this little Peanut is going great. She will be 3 months old this weekend and she is now the size of a bigger newborn. She is over 9 lbs, thats 3 times her weight when she was in the hospital. Fat rolls have filled her in.

We are only having to keep the apnea monitor on her while she is sleeping at night and long car rides. We don’t have any alarms during the day but the last few nights she has had some episodes of severe apnea (she stops breathing) while she sleeps. So I can’t keep her swaddled like she likes. After I unwrap her the alarm doesn’t sound.

We still haven’t had any SVT attacks since a week before we came home from the hospital!  That’s the biggest news! Next month the Cardiologist will allow her to grow past her heart medication dosage to see if they can slowly wean her off the medications. If she doesn’t have any SVT attacks then she grew out of it naturally. Right now I check her heart rate a few times a day to make sure she isn’t in SVT.

I’ve been struggling with my milk supply to feed her enough because she is hungry all the time but I discovered she wasn’t latching well enough and that was causing it to dwindle. I’ve also been able to nurse her while I’m out and about which is huge for me because I thought I was going to be bond to staying home of making short trips to make it home to pump. I’ve had to add more formula to her bottles to keep up with her growth spurt. But I’m ok with that. She is still getting all the breast milk I can give. I’ve got some herbal supplements that have been working well and a prescription I hope to get to boost everything.

JaMonkey is literally the worlds best big sister. She brings me everything I need, throws dirty diapers away before I even ask. Cuddles with her daily and even reads her stories.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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