All of the Onward Easter Eggs Uncovered in this Hidden Magic Quest

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You know how Pixar loves to share Easter Eggs in its movies! Join me on this epic quest to uncover all of the Disney Pixar easter eggs! After watching Onward, I spotted a few for you to keep your eyes peeled for when the movie comes out on March 6.

These are just a few of the ones I spotted. I need to watch the movie again more closely to spot some of the regular ones like the Pixar ball. The ones we found though are pretty great!

Director Dan Scanlon’s personal experiences with his brother inspired Onward.

Onward Easter Eggs

TripleDent Gum (Inside Out and Toy Story) will make you smile! Especially when you see how many times it shows up in Onward. You can see a pack in Ian’s room and at the gas station that the pixies are trashing.

Onward TripleDent Gum Easter Egg
TripleDent Gum

There are a lot of play on words for brand names like Z90 Fit (P90x). Cloak & Cola, Mount Doom, Misty Ice, and LOTS more.

Onward Logos

There are a ton of Lord of the Rings, Merlin, and Dungeons and Dragon’s references. The wizard that we see doing magic looks just like Gandolf. Stores and signs for Sword and the Scone, Second Breakfast, and more can be seen throughout the movie.

Gandolf the Onward Wizard

The hill he is doing magic on also looks like it has the Night Holler flowers from Zootopia on them. They could just be purple flowers, though.

The D&D fans are going to love all the references to the game including the dice and book instructions.

Onward Dungeons and Dragons
D&D Game

The characters watching him do magic on the hill shouldn’t be overlooked, though. One of them is a little Bonnie from Toy Story 3! Another one looks like the rock trolls from Frozen. The magic also makes a hidden Mickey.

Onward Bonnie
Bonnie is the little Faun in the middle of the hill.

Barley’s jacket and van are covered in band patches and stickers. There is a band poster for Muddle of Mush (Muddle of Mud).

© 2019 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.
Onward Bean Stocks
Bean Stack forest.

On the quest, you’ll see Bean Stalks that stretch high into the sky.

On the freeway, when they go through to Toll (A troll in a toll booth for “Under Bridge Transportation Authority”) on the right-hand side, you will see the Pizza Planet truck. There are also Cozy Cones from Cars (and Toy Story)! In the next frame, you see Barley pull up to pay the toll, and you’ll see the truck!

Onward Pizza Planet Truck
Onward Brave Wilderness Loch Lake
Brave Map

When they look at the map, you can see Brave Wilderness and Lock Lake, a nod to Brave and the short The Ballad of Nessie. 

Another nod to Brave, the calendar that Ian has his 16th birthday marked on, features a picture of the woods that Merida travels into to search for the Will-o’-the-Wisps.

Onward Brave Woods
Brave Will-o’-the-Wisps Forest

The famous Pixar Luxo Ball is on a shield in the Tavern. Onward Luxo Ball

Remy from Ratatouille is cooking in the tavern! At first, I thought it was just a short cook, but you see him turn and can tell it’s a rat!

Remy from Ratatouille Cooking

The wait staff is wearing Sorcerer Mickey hats.

Sorcerer Mickey Hats

Commenter Roy found Pepita, Mama Imelda’s Alebrije from Coco (Far left corner). The Gauntlet in the claw machine is pretty funny for a Marvel to throw in!

In the Pawn Shop, there is a necklace just like the shell one Ursula uses for Ariel’s voice in The Little Mermaid. There is also an Aladdin style lamp. Onward Little Mermaid and Aladdin

Commenter Aaron found the A113 in audio form! In the last scene a police call comes over Bronco’s radio, it says we have A 113 in progress.

John Ratzenberger voices a character in EVERY Pixar film. In Onward he is Construction Worker Felix and he is yelling at Barley at the stone fountain.

Onward has an Easter Egg from Soul. The albums on the shelf have Dorthea Williams on them and she is the Saxophone player from Soul. Onward Soul Easter Eggs

I will update this post after more viewings and home release so that I can pause the scenes with lots of possibilities.

Did you catch an Onward Easter egg I missed? Leave me a comment to share! 

Inclusivity in Onward

Onward also takes on some great diversity. Much like Toy Story 4 included a child with a cochlear implant, Onward features a teen with walking forearm crutches (big guy with the letterman jacket) and an LGBTQ teen (rainbow pin on the flannel).

Onward Diversity LGBTQ
LGBTQ and Walking Crutches Students

Onward Coloring Pages

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  1. Our son is great w/ finding Easter Eggs in Pixar movies. But a few of the movies you’ve mentioned, he hasn’t seen. It’ll be interesting to see what he thinks after we go to tonight’s screening in Atlanta.

  2. When they are playing the claw game at the tarvern there’s aliens in the machine

    Also when they are traveling thru the valley the mountains look like pride rock but that could just be a coincidence

    • I thought the same thing about the mountains when I saw them. Maybe I should have included them since I mentioned Zootopia. I feel like they may be coincidences though because Pixar generally sticks with only Pixar movies.

  3. You mention Doom as one of the soda references, but it should actually be Mountain Doom, a combo of Mount Doom from LOTR and Mtn Dew.

  4. My 11-year old noticed this one thanks to pausing the movie. When they’re in Manticore’s Tavern we paused to see what was in the “claw game” but HE noticed on the small shelf on the left of the screen is the cat alebrije from ‘Coco’. I had to get up to the screen closer, but it’s absolutely it!

  5. We saw “hades” and “hydra” written on the patches on Barley’s jacket. “Hydra” is also written on a sticker on the back of the new van at the end. Not sure why tt hey are there because they are not Pixar.

  6. In the beginning, the soap next to the sink is called Aurora! Also Barley has a patch on his jacket that says Hades on it!

  7. On the last scene, when both brothers are talking after their dad disappears, we can clearly see the Mandalorian helmet on Barley’s jacket as a pin.


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