Our Family is Taking the #HealthyHabits Oral Care Challenge

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I’m actually ashamed to admit that my daughter takes better care of her teeth more than we do.

Which obviously is good and bad but boy do Hubby and I need to step it up to make sure that we are setting a good example for her and the future one. We don’t go to our regular scheduled dentist visits! We don’t use floss or mouthwash like we should. It’s bad.

Then I saw the new LISTERINE® commercial about how many germs are still left in our mouth after brushing! Brushing your teeth alone misses 75% of your mouth, leaving millions of germs behind. That’s more germs in your mouth than there are people on the planet. EWWWW!!!!! Can you say wake up call. 

A couple of other things that surprised me were 51 million hours of school are missed each year by children due to dental illness. Have you ever noticed that 1/3 of people don’t smile with a full smile in their photos? My husband is guilty of that. Heck we barely kiss in the morning until we brush our teeth.

So after everything I’ve learned we will be taking some massive steps in order to change our dental ways and not only teach our girls but teach ourselves to get into Healthy Habits for a Lifetime.

The first step we will be taking is doing things as a family. FLOSS-BRUSH-RINSE everyone morning and every evening. I generally do this with JaMonkey already but haven’t been doing it for myself. I need to lead by example. So we will start flossing with our REACH® floss (the only floss with Micro technology) at the same time as her and then following that up with a good brushing. Then we will finish our routine with a good rinse. Making it a challenge on who can swish the longest before spitting it out.

The challenge is around 4 weeks long so after changing our routine I will make all three of us a dental check up to see if our good habits have kept us in the clear. Polishing our challenge off with a good cleaning from the dentist and hopefully a NO CAVITIES report card.

Join my family in this great challenge. Here is  $1.00 off coupon for an Adult Listerine Mouthwash. 


I received products in order to participate in the Healthy Habits for a Lifetime Oral Care Challenge along compensation from Johnson & Johnson and The Motherhood for my time. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. I hope that you’ll do the challenge with me! 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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