Our Growing Love for LEGO

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Some parents play games with their kids, others watch movies, but in our house we build LEGO’s together. I’ve played with my share of LEGO’s as a child, but once I had my own kids I didn’t realize how relaxing it is to just build together. LEGO #KeepBuilding

We started with a LEGO Duplo set I found wicked cheap on black friday when JaMonkey was was little. We’ve managed to keep the whole collection and added more onto it during Peanut’s birthday this year. JaMonkey’s collection on the other hand started when we received our first LEGO Friends set. After that she was hooked and so was I. We inherited a giant 25th anniversary limited edition box from my older sister that she used when she was attending engineering school.  Then I became obsessed with finding Minifigures to add to our collection. I went a little crazy on ebay one month and our collection now has Wonder Woman, Book Nerds and Fairies among LOTS of others. 

Then I discovered the LEGO Ideas area where you can submit ideas for new LEGO sets and other LEGO lovers vote to have them made. Which I love because that means we (women) can request more Superheroines and LEGO builds that are geared towards emowering our daughters to build. We discovered the female scientists set and my whole outlook on building with my daughters changed. I realized that this wasn’t just a way to spend time with my daughter creating fun castles and airplanes. It was about teaching her to love engineering and problem solving while building.

It's here!!! @lego Research Institute!! #lego

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I started getting her big sets that would challenge the both of us. I made a LEGO station that she can build and save her creations and keep everything organized. LEGO #KeepBuilding
Thanks to LEGO, I came home from Mom 2.0 with a LEGO Classic set that she can free build with. It comes with a handful of directions and a website with lots of other things to build. LEGO #KeepBuilding She’s been building every day since I brought it home for her. She gets so excited about her LEGO creations that she has me take pictures of them each time she has completed one. I have lots of pictures of her holding them up to model them, along with her big beautiful smile. LEGO #KeepBuilding
I’m so glad that I’ve found an activity that I love doing with my girls and that they love doing with me. LEGO #KeepBuildingI forsee a basement in my next house so that I can have a tables and tables of LEGO buildings, castles and creations like in The LEGO Movie! LEGO #KeepBuilding
Check out LEGO’s Pinterest #KeepBuilding board to get new LEGO building ideas that you can do with your child. You can also follow my LEGO Fun board!

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Legos are big in our house. My husband has loved them since he was a kid and has passed that love on to our kids. We have several of the Lego architecture series, I think we have all the New York building kits they made.


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