Outdoor Sports and Playtime

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These girls love playing outside. I recently got them a soccer ball because they discovered how much fun it was when we played at our neighbors house. We just need to get a net now to practice for the next World Cup at our house. I used to play soccer when I was younger, it was a co-ed team so it was, um, interesting to see girls and boys racing across the fields trying not to kick us girls too hard. JaMonkey has gone back and forth about what she wants to do between dance, soccer or playing the violin.  

Outdoor PlaytimeIt’s a fun sport but a tiring one also. The Irish in us also makes for explaining that we are alright all the time. Our faces get really red any time we are active. I swear I get asked every time I’m leaving the gym if I’m ok. After a day of playing we have a little snack  to recharge and cool down. Outdoor sports are such a great way to get kids active. It’s such a shame that the schools don’t have P.E. each day at our school and some times don’t even go out for recess and if they do it’s only for about 15 minutes. Seems like kids have to have an extra curricular activity to get the added movement they need. My kids are bouncing off the walls when they come home and it’s right when I’m trying to get dinner ready. It’s the daily chaos period! I need to get that net and send them outside when they get home. Maybe that will keep them out of my hair long enough to get dinner on the table.
Snack Break

Do your kids play sports? What type of sports do they do to stay active and burn off all that energy?

Planning a fun family adventure? Show off your outdoor sports skills by uploading a photo and you could win a gift card to purchase sporting equipment for the entire family. Perfect for keeping the kids active. Just enter between July 13th and August 9th for a chance to win.



Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Getting your girls a soccer ball sounds like a smart thing to do as a parent. It’s a nice thing that they love playing outside.


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