Parenting is Easy: You’re Probably Just Doing It Wrong – Book Review

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I was given this book for my honest review. All opinions are my own.    

From the creator of It’s Like They Know Us (on Tumblr), Sara Given has created a hilarious book of some of the internet’s finest stock images. This book is my new coffee table book, that is to say, if I had a coffee table it would be prominently displayed for all of my guests ( that I don’t invite over) to see. Since I don’t have a coffee table, I just make sure to leave it in places I know someone will find it. Side tables, bathroom magazine racks, and the likes. I want everyone to know that Pregnancy is all glowing skin and teenagers really do respect their parents.  

 One of my favorite pages in the book is of a couple getting an ultrasound, and the doctor is pointing to a perfect baby face on the screen.

 “And there you can see the perfectly visible, unobstructed face. You can tell because it looks exactly like an adorable little baby face and not a horrifying 3-D smooshed pumpkin monster that will haunt your dreams for the next three weeks.”

Each chapter in the book is focused on different stages of parenting such as; pregnancy, babies, toddlers, teens, and living the good life. I found myself in stitches every time I pick it up. I look at a few pictures when I need a good laugh. Laughing reduces stress, which means it’s therapeutic, and as a parent you need as much therapy as possible to get through life’s chaotic trials. 

This book is going to be my new gift to every expectant mother. Who needs more swaddling blankets when all you really want is to know that parenting can be funny. Everyone is living through the chaos just like you. In the back of their minds, they are saying thank you for the laughs. 

Parenting is Easy: You’re Probably Just Doing It Wrong is available now. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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