Percy Jackson and the Olympians Party Ideas

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If you have a middle-grade reader in your house who loves the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, they are going to love all the great games, recipes, and crafts that we have gathered for you.

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Our summer reading challenge is coming to an end and while we didn’t finish the entire Percy Jackson and the Olympians series before school started, we are currently reading book 4: The Battle of the Labyrinth. We went back to school on August 1st and JaMonkey is now in middle school, so we are adjusting to new schedules. I was excited to learn that she was placed into accelerated classes for reading and language arts though! That love of reading really carries over. 

I asked my daughter who her favorite character was in the series and I tend to agree with her pick. 

“Annabeth Chase is my favorite,” JaMonkey said. “She is funny, and I like that she is the daughter of Athena, so she is a warrior.”

Along with the books, she has been reading the graphic novel versions of the series as well. She loves the vivid imagery. The series is a wonderful mix of Greek mythology and fantasy, both are topics that she loves, so the stories hold her interest. 

Whether you’re planning a summer reading challenge or a themed party, this round-up of Percy Jackson-inspired projects will help jump-start your planning. We have some awesome games and crafts you can make and play together, along with a collection of recipes inspired by the series.

Percy Jackson Games

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Games

Percy Jackson RecipesPercy Jackson and the Olympians Recipes


Percy Jackson CraftsPercy Jackson and the Olympians Crafts

Need more party ideas? Check out this Percy Jackson Day and Birthday Party. If you’re planning a birthday, here are some great gift ideas your little reader will love. 

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