Playing with the Kodak PlayTouch a Social Media Dream

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Kodak sent me the super savvy Kodak PlayTouch to try out for a few weeks so that I could test out my skills at vlogging. Here is what I liked about the camera that I think other Bloggers might find very useful.

The most important feature about the Kodak PlayTouch that I was looking for as a Vlogging necessity was being able to have an external microphone. If you are someone that does interviews outside like this one that I did you can hear that not only is it windy but if you are shooting from behind like I had to do this particular day you can’t hear very well. The microphone can be plugged right into the headphone jack. Spending a few extra dollars will get you a nice wireless one so you aren’t tethered to the camera. Other cameras I noticed don’t feature this option and as a blogger I know it’s an important one.

The next great feature that the Kodak PlayTouch has is the EasyShare button. After you record your video, trim and cut it right on the device and click the Share button. It then allows you to select the places that you would like your video uploaded (like Facebook or YouTube) it saves it and gets it ready for uploading. The next time you plug the pop out USB plug into your computer it will automatically upload your video to the locations that you requested when you hit the Share button. If you can shoot perfect videos then this is a Social Media fan’s dream! I’d be an uploading left and right if I could, or have a lot of bloopers to show (which I’m accumulating trust me).

Another great feature is how light this camera is. Making it easy to throw it in a bag or your pocket without weighing you down. It also has 4 capture effects, including B&W, Sepia, High Saturation, and ‘70s Film. Which are fun to play around with when you have kids.

If you are all about documenting everything with your family like I am then it’s nice to have a camera that is separate from your cellphone. I don’t know about you but when I’m taking an awesome picture or video and someone calls in it ends everything I was doing. It drives me nuts! This happened during my celebrity interview with Austin Stovall, I was mortified when I got home and had only half of my interview. This camera allows to to just keep recording then you can pull still images from the videos that you’ve shot.

I also used this camera to shoot my first Vlog review, which you might remember from the other day! Again I was very pleased with it’s performance. The sleek 3 inch capacitive touchscreen makes it so easy to navigate through all the many features.

Everything for this camera is built right into it. It holds an SD/SDHC flash card to hold those great 1080p HD videos. The built in USB arm makes it easy to plug into a computer to upload your videos. It also charges the battery while it is plugged in. A great little gadget if you are “On the Move” a lot like my family.


Full list of features:

* Share Button for easy video upload to YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK sites, and email
* 3-inch capacitive touchscreen LCD optimized for reviewing in landscape mode for the ultimate 1080p HD video sharing experience
* On-camera editing features to trim and extract still pictures from video
* 5 MP HD still pictures
* Sharper videos and less blur with built-in digital image stabilization
* Built-in USB arm for easy sharing, charging, and transferring
* Smart face tracking technology
* LCD glare shield feature
* External stereo microphone jack to add high-quality sound to videos or to plug in headphones for discreet playback*
* 4 capture effects, including B&W, sepia, high saturation, and ’70s film look
* HDMI output (HDMI cable included)
* Up to 10 hours of HD video** with expandable SD/SDHC card slot (up to 32 GB)
* Li-Ion rechargeable battery with in-camera charging
* PC and MAC iLIFE product compatibility

Enjoy great savings at the KODAK Store as well as checking out all of their great cameras including the rugged waterproof Sports camera!

Kodak Store

I received the Kodak PlayTouch to review for a few weeks in order to test out it’s capabilities.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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