Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Play Set & Polly Pocket DVD

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Polly Pocket is becoming a household name around here. She comes with us in the car because she fits perfectly in the pockets of our car set. Sometimes she sneaks into preschool when Mommy’s not looking. But the thing that JaMonkey loves the most about her Polly Pocket sets are the little pet animals that come with them. So when the Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop came it she was uber excited about all the little animals. We were also excited about the Polly Pocket DVD that we received as well.

While I was taking the Pet Shop Play Set out of it’s packaging I popped the DVD in so that she could watch and not steal the pieces away before I had a chance to take pictures and see what everything did. It was tough but she really enjoyed the show. It has bright colors with great animation. Of course, there is a great lesson to learn throughout the show as well. My only complaint it that it was really fast. It’s a 22-minute episode all about racing and being first with the lesson being that it’s no fun to win if you aren’t having fun and doing it with your friends. They talk so fast in the show that we actually had to watch it again to make sure we didn’t miss something or accidentally hit the chapter skip button. It was hard for me to keep up with what was going on with the characters because they were talking so fast I’m not sure how other Polly Pocket episodes are but if I was confused I’m sure my 4-year-old didn’t catch the message either.

After I had the Pet Shop together I was able to see all the fun stuff that it does and the hidden surprises.

There is a section in the “upstairs” where you can give your pets a bath. It has a cool spot that you can slid Polly’s feet into so that she stays upright while she cleans her pets. There is also a swing for Polly to sit in that has a small basket of kittens at the top.

Then there is a little slide that the pets can slide down to the bottom floor. There is a little lever that you can push also that allows the pet to fall through the floor into the basket that catches them below. There is also a place to hang the pets leashes so that they don’t get lost. I’ve also put the pet carrying case here. This slide and hidden trap door are my daughters favorite part of this set. She just laughs and laugh’s at them falling around. There is a section that has an elevator for Polly and her pets to go up and down the levels. There is also a treat holder for her pets with tiny little pet treats that dispense from the wall. (Green in the far right corner)

There is a slide-out section on the Pet Shop that is the “Store Front” where you can place the cute little animals in the clean bin and spin them around for everyone to see. The little birds hang from this side also.

The only complaints I have about this set is how small some of the pieces are. Unlike the Polly Pocket Hangout House sets where EVERYTHING has a little suction cup on it so that it doesn’t get lost these pieces are free. The dog bowls I was expecting to be small but the little treats that go into the treat dispenser are almost too small to grasp. This isn’t a set you leave on the floor with small babies around like me. I wish the Polly Pocket sets had a little built-in box that you can put these small pieces into and close so that they don’t get lost because after one use she lost a lot of them. My vacuum has been finding them since then. 

All together we are still in love with our Polly Pocket sets. I wish that Polly’s hair was hollow maybe so that she wasn’t so heavy on the top, she tends to slump over a lot and fall because her head is too heavy. Also, the box built into the playlet to gather the small pieces to keep them from getting lost.

Still great for road trips, I can pack them into small tins or bags for her to play on the go. Throw them in my purse for restaurant entertainment. She loves having the little pets with them because they are so cute. 


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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