Fresh Fruit Chocolates Recipe

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This week I created something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. Fresh Fruit Chocolates. The idea is simple you just have to keep in mind that it is fresh fruit and it perishes. My ideal fruit chocolate is Raspberries in Dark Chocolate because raspberry flavored things tend to taste like cough syrup, yuck. I got these one year around Valentine’s day and they were the best chocolates I’ve ever had.

Making chocolates is fairly easy but it’s finding the right chocolate. There are plenty of melting chocolates out there like Wilton and every store has a store bought kind. I like to go for the high priced chocolate like the Godiva melting / baking chocolate. You also need to find a chocolate mold that is deep enough to fit a good sized piece of fruit in it. Raspberries are the perfect size to base that off of. I found my mold at Target in the $1 bins out front. They are perfect because the bottom is soft silicone so it makes it super easy to pop them out when they are completely hardened.

My husband ate my stash of Raspberries so I decided to try Mandarin Oranges instead. Some were small enough for their own molds while others I had to cut in half.

So here we go!

Double boil in two pans or a fondue pot your preferred chocolate. Melt it completely.

Use a pipping bag if you have one. I do not so I always use a Ziloc bag.

You take the bag and place it inside a tall cup pushing the corner into the bottom of the cup and folding the edges over the rim of the cup.

Pour your chocolate into the bag making sure that it stays in the corner . Twist the the bag so that it stays down there.

Cut off a small piece in the corner and begin pipping a small amount of chocolate into the bottom of the mold.

Then place your fruit into the chocolate slightly to cause the chocolate on the bottom to come up along the sides a little.

Finish pipping chocolate over the piece of fruit to the edge of the mold. Make sure the chocolate coats the fruit along the edges so when it hardens you won’t be able to see if at all.
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Let the chocolate harden in the refrigerator. Remember you have fruit inside so they need to stay cold to stay fresh longer.

You are left with an amazing chocolate treat that bursts with real fruit instead of fruit flavoring. Image how much better for you there are then chocolates stuffed with sugary syrups and cremes.

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