Project Pinterest: Hanging Magnetic Chalkboard Trays

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Another fun project that I’ve been dying to try because it was such a

simple project that would also make a great addition to our wall space.


 I have a new love for Chalkboard Paint because it’s so easy to use and you can put it on everything. I’m sure I will have a few Chalkboard projects to come this year.

Hanging Magnetic Chalkboard Trays

Here is what you’ll need:

Metal Serving Trays (I found mine at a Thrift Store for under $2) Make sure they are magnetic before you buy them.

Chalkboard Paint ( I used Krylon Spray Paint)



  1. My husband drilled holes into the top of the trays to be able to pull the ribbon through the front instead of hanging it from adhesives. It created some sharp edges so we made sure to sand those off.
  2. Next I cleaned them really good so that there wouldn’t be any imperfections or bumps.
  3. Then I took them outside to spray paint them with the chalkboard paint. Make sure you read the directions closely since there are a few different kinds to choose from. If you are using the spray on make sure you hold the can far enough away and make clean sweeps across to make one even coat.
  4. Let the trays dry overnight at room temperature.
  5. Attach the ribbon at the desired length and tie it in a pretty bow.
  6. Use a lighter to heat the edges of the ribbon to get rid of and prevent any fraying. 

That’s it! Super easy and such a great idea. Originally posted by Brooke from Sweet Mint Studios and modified by myself. I am still on the search for a bigger one to place into the middle. Just think of the cool designs they have on the borders on some serving trays. They add such a beautiful texture to the piece. We added these cute magnets to be able to hang recipes or to do lists. I think I’ll hang the chalk so that it stays close by.



Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Your trays are really nice upcycling! I did have to smile when I saw that your husband got dragged into the project link mine did. They will need a support group before this is all over!

    I’m off to visit everyone else’s projects.


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