Hasselback Potatoes

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It’s the first official Project Pinterest! Whoo hoo and there are already so many of you that are dying to share what you’ve been making on Pinterest. I’ve switched from craft projects like DIY Christmas Ornaments to making way to much good food. All that talk about not gaining any weight during this pregnancy just bit me in the butt.

For my first cooking project I decided to take on the beautiful Hasselback Potatoes that Angie Tee posted. Let me first start by saying that this recipe is time consuming but my goal kept me going. I’m glad I did because they were very yummy. This recipe has been scaled for my own family. We couldn’t finish 6 potatoes.

Here is what I used:

3 Large Potatoes

1 Clove of Garlic


Sea Salt

Fresh Ground Pepper

Olive Oil

Preheat your oven to 425˚F. If your potato doesn’t have a a flat bottom I recommend cutting one. It will allow you to slice easier, especially if you don’t have a super sharp knife. You’ll start from one end of the potato, cutting almost all the way through, at about 3 to 4 mm intervals. Again you’ll need a sharp knife, it took me forever because I had to go slow so that I didn’t chop it into oblivion.

Then take your fresh clove of Garlic and mince it or push it through your Garlic press. Start putting pieces of Garlic in between the slices. Place the Potatoes on a baking sheet and rub those bad boys down with butter. Drizzle the potatoes with Olive Oil and then sprinkle sea salt and fresh ground pepper over the top. Bake in the over for 40 minutes.

Mine weren’t quite crispy enough so I switched my oven to Low Broil to finish the job. They came out really good and aside from it taking me forever I think I’ll make them again…some day.

Mine are not as pretty as Angie’s but I was still pretty proud of them!


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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    • HAHA My fingers smelled like Garlic for three days after that. I love garlic but I couldn’t smell anything else for a long time!

  1. i made these a few months ago when i first saw them on pinterest. in theory they are really good, but i noticed you said it took you forever… i had to keep putting mine BACK in the oven because they weren’t completely finished. (not soft enough) i too, eventually tried the broiler, but i think next time i’ll wrap them in aluminum foil to see if that makes a difference…

  2. Yummy potatoes. I am totally clueless about Pinterest and am excited to learn about it and how I can use it.. Thanks for sharing.


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