Homemade Petit Fours

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Last year I made these Petit Fours for Valentine’s Day treats and they were fantastic. They are super easy to make and you can get everything you need at Walmart!

Here is what you will need:

Oreo Cakesters
Whoopie Pies

Rolled Fondant (found in the craft section near the wedding/ cake supplies)

Parchment Paper

Rolling Pin

Optional but helpful:


Food Coloring

Corn Syrup

The rolled fondant comes in a good-sized box that you can take chunks out of to flatten. It comes in white and if you’d like to get more colors just add a dab of food coloring. One drop of food coloring created the light pink add a few more and I got a darker pink. Roll out your fondant until it is big enough to wrap around the Cakester. Place a Cakester onto the fondant and wrap it around until it nearly covers the bottom. It’s ok if they don’t completely because this will be the bottom side. Smooth out all the bubbles and bumps being careful not to tear the fondant around the top.

After you have wrapped them it’s time to decorate them. You can cut out little pieces of fondant hearts to place on top or use your sprinkles. To get these to stick really well you will need to water down some corn syrup and brush it on.

Everyone really loved them and they flew off the plate when I was done. Mine are cute but check out Amanda of I Am Baker, the original creator, to see her amazing photos. She makes pretty chocolate hearts for hers. I don’t think I could spend as much time as she did because they get eaten before I’m even done decorating them. I’ll be making these again this year. Either way, her blog is amazing check it out!

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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