Organizing the Pantry and a Kids Hungry Snack Box

This week I decided to try and get organized. I have ideas for organization every room in your house. I keep pinning stuff in hopes that I will actually start organizing. So the other day I found myself at The Container Store trying to gather some inspiration on where to start organizing our very unorganized home. The kitchen and office were my highest priority, but the office would take much longer. So I decided to tackle my pantry.

I’m one of those people that tends to buy things on accident because I didn’t think we had anymore even though it was hiding in the back of a shelf. I have two areas in our kitchen (other than the refrigerator) That I store things. The first is a cabinet just for cooking and baking, so things like spices, flour, and sprinkles. Have to have sprinkles on hand at all times with my little baker. Then we have a Pantry that is about the size of a decent hall closet. This is where everything else goes.

Pantry Storage Ideas

I got a fantastic Elfa Over the Door system for 30% off to add shelves to the door for added storage. It’s incredibly sturdy, so I feel confident that it will be safe. I plan on getting a few more trays to fill the door.Elfa Over the Door Organizer

I also found a hanging rack for things like brooms and mops to get them up off the floor and against a wall. It has additional hooks on it for things like the aprons, bags, and duster. Cleaning Tool Organizer

I made sure that everything could be seen. One row unless it was multiples of the same item it doesn’t get something in front of it. I picked up some clear sorting bins from the Dollar Tree and was able to use a dry erase marker to write what goes in the bin. This makes them easier to find. Dollar Bin Panty Organization

There are a few added measures I plan to take with organizing the pantry, but these were the main ones that helped. I have it sectioned off with canned goods, snacks, breakfast items, pasta/rice, etc. We have stackable shelves to hold smaller items like snacks, oatmeal packets, and smaller boxes.

Kid’s Hungry Snack Box

The biggest thing I wanted to do was create a special snack box just for the kids so that they could go in and get something out when it was snack time. They named it her “Hungry Box.” It’s just a simple plastic box that I found that happens to have a handle on the front for easy pull out access.

I filled the box with snacks that we had like Cheese crackers, Goldfish Grahams, trail mix, Granola bars, and more. I put them into portioned snack bags so that she doesn’t over-eat from the box, and they are quick and easy to grab when we are running out the door. 

She loves the independence of having her own box to choose from. I plan on creating an is in the refrigerator as well for the same thing because she loves things like carrots, string cheese and yogurt for her snacks also. Perhaps the bottom shelf can be the JaMonkey shelf.

The snack box idea came from Jen over at I Heart Organizing. 

Here are some other ways to organize around your house:


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Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper
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  1. I looked at your pinterest board. I LOVE the magazine rack as a can holder. I’m getting sick of risking my life trying to get a can from a high shelf full of haphazardly strewn, heavy and dangerous cans lol.

    • I know what you mean! I was actually looking for some to do that in the pantry for this project but finding wide magazines racks is much harder than it looks.


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