Review: Julianne Moore is the redeeming quality in Gloria Bell

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Gloria BellGloria Bell is an English version and a frame for frame match to the Chilean film Gloria.  This character study looks at a divorceé played by Julianna Moore. It’s a slow burn in a day in the life of Gloria Bell but what better way to experience the life of a lonely woman than with Moore acting the hell out of the part.

Life is messy and never goes the way you planned. Gloria has been divorced for over 12 years, and she still hasn’t found love. She spends her nights going out dancing. You can see that she genuinely loves to enjoy the nightlife. Watching Moore is awkward, and I feel sad for her character. While I hope for the best, she just keeps getting hit with the realization that she is so alone.

When Gloria meets Arnold (John Turturro) there is a glimmer of hope that she has found someone to fill her life with love and happiness. Mature dating comes with twice the baggage though, and Arnold clearly isn’t ready for this stage in his life. I think I would have handled things much like Gloria did, drink the night away and enjoy my life to the fullest. I’ll deal with the drama tomorrow. Gloria Bell

The movie shows you that no matter what stage of your life, you can still learn from things. You can grow and change no matter your age. As our children grow up and leave us, but also as adult parents still looking out for our children. Gloria is still living her best life despite the bumps in the road.

I loved the use of lighting in the film. The dance scenes incorporated colorful split tone lights that I thought were visually appealing. I feel like these were the scenes that showcased Gloria’s happy place.


The movie is really slow, but I do feel it depicts life in a way that is ho-hum in our daily routines. Moore shines as Gloria Bell though.

Gloria Bell is in theaters now.


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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