Review: Wonder Woman – Finally

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Finally!!! The day has come to see the mighty Wonder Woman in all her glory. 

I’ve had such high hopes for the DC Cinematic Universe, and with Wonder Woman they finally delivered. While I’m sad that it has taken 73 years to make a Wonder Woman film, I’m glad it happened during and an era of special effects. The only reason I went to see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was because Wonder Woman was going to be in it. And let’s face it, she stole the show because we were all so excited to see her. Wonder Woman is THE female heroine that trumps them all. Seeing the Lasso of Truth in action was ten times better than I had envisioned it. We finally get to see her fly too! 

My oldest daughter loves the DC universe and knows quite a bit about Diana Prince and her origin story. I knew I was taking a chance taking a 9-year-old to a movie that I hadn’t screened before letting her see it, but we were so excited about seeing our favorite character on the big screen that I allowed it. The film is rated PG-13 for language, violence, and “suggestive content.” This is an understatement because there were a few moments in the movie that I felt I should have shielded her from seeing. Unfortunately, there is a heavy focus on sexual tension from everyone drooling over Diana. But Diana is also new to the outside world, so she learns about everything, including a naked Chris Pine covering himself with only his hand. There were some terrifying scenes of violence as well; we are talking about war error gas and psychopaths. While you won’t see a sex scene, you do get a lot of innuendoes and some pretty violent scenes. With that said, I would take her again, because she is such a Wonder Woman fan and it still left us feeling the girl power. By the way, she absolutey loved it. 

We unlocked the Wonder Woman Snapchat filter at the movie!

Back to Wonder Woman’s origin story now. My daughter dished, and I later confirmed that the movie and the original story are altered slightly, but I think the movie did a great job at portraying her start. Diana is a product of the Ancient Greek gods, and while the film takes the easy route, it’s still an intriguing story. The movie has a great balance of back story and coming of superheroine status. This is the Wonder Woman film we have all been waiting for. When I say product of the gods, I mean that literally. She was sculpted and brought to life by the gods. Multiple gods actually. The movie depicts a more direct purpose for Diana however. One thing that I loved about the progression of Diana over the span of her life are the little girls that portrayed her. They all had this little smirk that Gal Gadot has when she is jumping into a battle or something new. This smirk can be seen at each of her life stages. It was quite amusing. 

Gal Gadot is an amazing Diana Prince, and I hope we get a lot of movies from her including some other female DC character collaborations. 

No need to stay through the credits, there isn’t an end of credits scene which was quite disappointing. I was hoping for some Dawn of Justice action aside from the trailer. 

Wonder Woman opens June 2. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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