Rockets of Awesome Kids Clothing Box VIDEO

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Rockets of Awesome Kids Clothing BoxWe got to test out the fun Rockets of Awesome monthly clothing box for kids and we are in love! The service is kind of like Stitch Fix fo kids except they make all of their own clothes. Both girls got a box to try out and they loved everything in them. 

Each box is hand picked with 8 or 12 items inside. They delivery only 4 times a year for each season. No membership fees and no shipping fees. Pay for only what you keep. Return things that don’t fit and order them from “The Shop.” You have 5 days  to decide on the clothing in the box. 

Check out our video to see everything they got. 

Everything in our box was season specific. They really needed some warm clothes and that is exactly what they got. The fabric is all high quality and comfy as well. 

Rockets of Awesome Kids Clothing BoxEach box had a pair of leggings, a dress, a skirt, a jacket or sweater, and a handful of long sleeves t-shirts. Some of the shirts were nicer than others with lace and silk on the bottom (you can see them in the video above). Rockets of Awesome Kids Clothing BoxThey were both so excited with everything that received in their boxes and I foresee us trying this box again in the future for different seasons when we need new stuff in their size. Rockets of Awesome Kids Clothing BoxCheck out Rockets of Awesome for yourself! 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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