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DisclosureVerizon Wireless just introduced an awesome new technology that allows you to use your credit cards and pay for things with your phone. It’s called the ISIS Mobile Wallet and it’s an app you can download on your phone. It’s such an awesome program and can save you money while you shop!

how-isis-03To get started all you have to do is make sure you have an NFC* (Near Field Communication) ready device with an Enhanced SIM card (just ask any Verizon employee and they will switch it out for you). Download the app from the Google Play store. Sorry Apple users, it’s not available yet on iOS devices. But they did say they were working on it. Load your cards onto the app. It can take American Express, American Express Serve, Chase, and other credit/debit cards. Once the card is loaded you just need to look for this logo at registers. This is the near field communicator. Pick the card you’d like to use and scan. Done! Right now if you load a American Express Serve card onto ISIS you can earn up to $200 cash back!


The ISIS Mobile Wallet is actually safer to use than your regular wallet. The app uses a secure PIN to open the app. If you lose your phone you can lock or freeze your account. Sensitive payment information is stored on a special chip in your phone called the Secure Element. The Secure Element is designed to allow access only to authorized programs such as the Isis Mobile Wallet. Thieves have gotten smart over the years and created card readers for credit and debit cards with the NFC chip in them. So one pass of this machine on your purse or wallet and they have your card information. I stopped using these cards because of that reason or I had to buy a protective sleeve to shield it. Now it’s safer to have them loaded into the ISIS app. 

ISIS also has an awesome money saving feature. You can add your loyalty cards that clutter up your keychain onto the ISIS app. You can also like your favorite brands on the app and find awesome ISIS only coupons and discounts from the retailer and use all of it right from your phone. Like Jamba Juice for example, they are giving away free a million free smoothies to people that use the ISIS app to pay! 

I love that you don’t have to fumble for your wallet, fight to get your card out, find your keys to scan your loyalty card and then dig for the coupons you clipped. Everything is right on your phone. Makes life so much easier! 

Find out more about the ISIS Mobile App at Verizon Wireless.



Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I have heard some great things about ISIS mobile wallet. Seems like a safer way to shop. love the discounts, too. Great incentive to try this app.

  2. What a helpful app! I feel like everyone is in such a hurry this time of year; this would be such an expediting app that would help keep things moving and help me stay organized. I especially love the lock feature for added security.

  3. There are so many cool apps out there for our smartphones to save more money! I need to become more savvy and check out ISIS wallet asap!


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