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This is our dog. His name is Nero. Nero has been a pain in my ass for seven years. He has had numerous problems with seizures and getting hit by cars. Lots of hospital visits that made me say, wow I can’t believe he survived that. How did he not break anything when a CAR hit him? But this time is different.

He got in a fight with my bigger dog over who knows what. The big dog got a hold of his right front arm and wouldn’t let go. While he was fighting his shoulder blade broke under the pressure. After he was finally released he started having seizures (he suffers from them already) which causes his muscles to clinch and his spine turns into a C. It’s awful. So his pain was forced into a terrible position.

After a visit to the vet they told me that it wouldn’t be safe to splint the fracture because if it isn’t set properly he could loose all ability to walk on the leg all together. Which would require a full amputation from the shoulder. So a surgery is the only way to fix it. 

So our options were, pay for a pricey surgery or put him to sleep.

It’s a shame that it resorts to killing our family pet because we can’t afford to pay for it. With all the bills piling up from my emergency c-section and Lil’ JaMonkey’s care I went into full blown panic. Adelia’s NICU stay alone was more than our house costs. I’m not someone that asks for help but after everything that has happened I finally realized that I need it.

We have health insurance that will help cover us humans but we don’t have pet insurance. After the recession we dropped the coverage when we bought our house. Stupid idea.

I can’t just let them put our little dog down. He is Big JaMonkey’s best friend. She likes to chase him around the house and play fetch with him.

So this is me, asking for help. Asking friends, family and bloggy friends to donate even $1 to help pay for his surgery. So my daughter doesn’t loose he puppy. If you can’t spare $1 I completely understand. Perhaps you could share, tweet and pin it with for your followers and one of them could help.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, donate, share and care.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. That broke my heart. I’ll definitely lend some for that angel to recover. Hope he’ll be fine soon. Be strong for him.


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