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Hello MagazineI’m so excited to tell you about Highlights new magazine designed especially for Babies called Hello! If you’re anything like me then you probably grew up reader Highlights as a child. My favorite section was the Hidden Pictures puzzles. I’m guessing they were every child’s favorite because anytime I found a Highlights magazine in a doctors office waiting room it was ALWAYS filled out.

I know what your thinking though, Why on earth would you want a magazine for a baby? But Hello isn’t designed like your typical Highlights or High Five. It’s more like a mini book. Each one is printed with non-toxic ink containing soy and/or vegetable oils. The paper has rounded corners, durable and washable. The magazine is shipped safely inside an envelope so that it stays clean during shipping. Because we all know that children under 2 love putting thing in their mouths.

Hello is targeted to Babies ages 0-2 and their parents and caregivers. Each issue has the following:

Hello from Highlights

  • Find It – The baby version of Hidden Pages.
  • Tell Me a Story – Short, read-aloud stories with simple pictures.
  • Read Me a Poem – Lyrical poetry paired with vivid illustrations.
  • Sing Me a Song – Babies love music, and Hello magazine offers new words set to familiar tunes.
  • Artwork – Every page is illustrated with High-Quality, full color artwork created in a variety of mediums.
  • Expert Parenting Advice – Monthly columns, written by pediatricians, psychologists, and educators, and printed inside the magazine’s envelope, provide support and encouragement to new parents.

My favorite thing for parents is the Milestones this month card they send each month. You can record any firsts or funny moments that happened that month to put in your baby books for easy recording!

Reading to your baby (and your big kid) is so important. It instills a joy and love for reading. We still read stories every night before bed with our girls. No my littlest peanut will have her own stories to read with us.

You can subscribe to Hello now! They start shipping out in January of 2013.

Highlights Hello

I was invited to an event to learn about the new Hello magazine from Highlights. All opinions are my own.  

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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