Scarecrow Pudding Cups – Fall Craft for Kids

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Fall is in full swing! These scarecrow pudding cups are an adorable Fall craft your family can make for a fall festival or a Thanksgiving/Halloween gathering. They are super easy to make.

Scarecrow Pudding Cups

Scarecrow Pudding Cups

Scarecrow Pudding Cups

Create fun scarecrows for Thanksgiving with this fun craft for kids.

What you will need



  • Glue two wiggle eyes on one side of butterscotch pudding. Cut a small triangle out of the felt sheet for the nose.
  • Place the felt triangle (with a pointed side center and underneath the eyes. Use the black sharpie to draw on a scarecrow mouth.
  • Next, take a few pieces of raffia and knot them together in the middle. It should be approximately 5 inches in length after knotting. Pieces can be trimmed at slightly varying lengths. Place a good amount of hot glue on the back off the raffia knot and place it on the edge of the pudding cup lid (above the face), pressing firmly so it dries in place.
  • Next, take a piece of burlap (approximately 8” x 3”) and wrap it around the pudding cup lid, with the bottom edge giving a slight overhang to the lid. Use a large dab of hot glue to secure the back end pieces in place on the top of the lid near the back.
  • Next place a dab of glue over the raffia ribbon knot and press the burlap down, so it stays in place in the front as well.
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