School Lunch and After School Snacks

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Can you believe the kids have been back to school for nearly a month already? While some kids in the North still have a couple weeks of summer vacation left. We are back in the swing of packing lunches and have mastered our carline and bus schedule so I thought I’d share some of our snack choices that the kids love to bring to school or have when they come home from school. School Lunch and After School SnacksI don’t pack the kids lunches every day. I’m one of those hot mess moms that gets them fed and their teeth brushed before they get on the school bus. I don’t pack lunches the night before because I’m too busy trying to get through my emails and binge watch shows with my husband before we go to bed and do it all over again the following day. But on the rare occasion that I do pack my oldest lunch (the little one is not allowed to bring hers), I get special requests for some of her favorite snacks to enjoy. 

These are the snacks that I keep stocked in my house at all times so that I can throw them into a lunchbox of they can have it as an afternoon snack when they get home. I’m so happy that there are so many organic options for them also. I buy them in bulk from Costco or BJ’s Warehouse. 

Our Stonyfield stash is probably the biggest. My kids love yogurt, but they also make smoothies and fruit snacks as well. I keep some Yo Kids Squeezers in the freezer to put into her lunch bag, so they are thawed by the time she goes to lunch. But in case I forget, PackIt makes this awesome freezable lunch bag. I love it so much I bought a second one for myself. The French Bull PackIt matches my blog theme (geometric patterns)! It stays cool for 10 hours so you can save space in the lunch bag for food instead of an ice pack. It folds up flat when you put it into the freezer too. I’m obsessed with how awesome this bag is. 

Justin’s now makes snack packs as well! My kids love the Chocolate Hazelnut spread with pretzels. At least they would if I didn’t try to eat them all. So yummy. I also like putting the Almond Butter packets into her lunch with some carrots. It makes a great healthy snack that gives her a good protein boost to help her through the day. W also love to spread the nut butters onto apple slices and sprinkle it with granola. Apple Hazelnut Granola

Applesauce is always on hand also. Because it is shelf stable, I don’t have to take up a bunch of space in my refrigerator.  When they are in the individual pouches I can easily throw them in a bag if we have errands to run.

Annie’s makes a few different snacks we love including Cheddar Bunnies, fruit snacks, and other crackers. It’s a great way to get some whole grains in them.

Bare Snacks has the best dried apples and coconut chips that my kids just love and they now have organic options which makes me even happier. 

What kind of quick snacks do your kids love? 

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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