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craftingI’ve started to notice now that since I’ve started Project Pinterest the possibilities in everything I come across. Going through Pinterest you can find so many things that have been repurposed or recycled into to clever ideas. That’s one of the main reasons why I’ve decided to do this mission of one project from Pinterest every week. It keeps me creating but it also finds a home for something that someone might have thrown away to rot in a landfill some where.

The recipes help me change up the menu so my family isn’t bored and the crafts keep me creative. So here are a few things that I’ve started doing on a regular basis that are inspiring different ideas.

  1. Join Freecycle-Not only is one mans trash another man’s treasure but I’ve gotten the majority of JaMonkey’s wardrobe from Freecycle so I’ve saved hundreds of dollars getting something for free. But you can’t just take. I am constantly giving away old things that I’ve recently upgraded or have no use for. The last yard sale we had by Sunday afternoon I was posting on Freecycle for people to come get the rest of the stuff for free because I wanted it gone.
  2. Yard Sales / Thrift Stores– I’m a Pawn Stars, Antique Roadhouse fan, so watching people finding rugs for $5 that are worth $50,000 is pretty cool but some times things lose parts or becoming broken but if you have a creative idea in mind it can be repurposed into something for sure. Ugly serving trays can be painted. Old outdated furniture can be sanded. Plus you are spending only a few dollars on the object that you may be able sell when you are done for a lot more!
  3. Clearance Sales – The dollar store, Michels’s and Hobby Lobby are great places to find cheap craft supplies but after the holidays you can stock up on tons of stuff from the big stores that are clearing out their stock for the next big season. Target and Walmart normally clear out pretty fast the very next day but I’ve seen it get up to 90% off the left overs and you can make great gifts for next year.
  4. Never Buy Craft Ideas-With the amount of information on the internet there is no reason you should be buying ideas for crafts. Google it or search on Pinterest. You might end up finding an easier or cooler way to do your project. YouTube also has tons of tutorial videos that you can watch to learn techniques for anything your little heart could think up. (It’s a great way to share your ideas and build traffic.)
  5. Join a Crafting Group– There are sure to be sewing or crafting groups that you can get into in your area. If not start one! They have regular swaps where you can trade scrapes of fabric or things you had for a craft project that you no longer wish to do. It’s a great way to get inspired.

What I’ve found is if I see something I like on Pinterest or in someones house I make a note or Pin it so that I can find it later because I may not have any of the materials. Then I make sure to look out for them at the Thrift shop next time I’m there. Grabbing bits and pieces until you can make your masterpiece.
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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Huh. I’d never thought about getting or giving clothes on Freecycle. That’s good to know. I have SO much stuff I could definitely recycle… I hadn’t thought of trying to find materials there for crafting, either, but that’s probably because crafting is on my “I’d like to do” list instead of my “it actually gets done” list. Kudos to you. Now to go check out your pinterest stuff 😉


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