Sending Love to the Worlds Hardest Worker

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

Surely by now you’ve seen this amazing job interview video. Where a handful of people applied for the toughest job in the world as a Director of Operations at Rethom, Inc. The ad had a few requirements such as, standing all the time, working 135 to unlimited hours a week, having a degree in culinary, finance and medicine. No vacations and the work load gets higher over holidays. The ad  was placed in 27 markets, 14 newspapers classifieds and 2 Google sponsored ad units, resulting in 2.7MM impressions. They only had 24 inquiries all together. Just take a look at what the candidates said about this crazy job interview. 

Cardstore Worlds Toughest JobDid you notice that the company name Rethom, Inc. is “Mother” spelled backwards!? Makes you think doesn’t it?  About the countless women that do this daily or did this for you when you were younger. This video brought me to tears, I just loved it. I’ve been sharing it with everyone I know because I think Cardstore (a website from American Greetings) nailed this one out of the park. It reminds you that Mother’s Day is a day to say thank you to the hardest working employee in the world, our Moms! 

I set out to make a wonderful card for my Mother who recently moved far enough away that I can’t visit her as often as I once did. I miss her a lot and so do my girls. We FaceTime with her but I always like to send her a little something in the mail. I love getting mail, it’s always a nice surprise when it isn’t junk or a bill that needs to be paid! Right now Cardstore has a great discount on Mothers Day cards for only $2.49 when you use the code CCF4249. (Valid from April 24- May 5) 

Cardstore has some great cards to choose from. We decided on a card that would share lots of pictures on it. It give my Mom something to hang onto and possibly even frame if she wanted to. Cardstore Worlds Toughest Job We were able to add pictures right from my computer or I could import them from Facebook, Instagram or Flicker. Lots of options to get pictures!Cardstore Worlds Toughest Job

I arranged my pictures where I wanted them in the template. Then we personalized our message. Cardstore Mothers Day Cards Then I schedule when I wanted to mail the card. I love that you can do this, it means that I can do things far in advance but it doesn’t get delivered until the holiday. I could schedule all my birthday cards to go out at the beginning of the year and schedule them individually to send a day before their birthday! How cool is that? Cardstore Worlds Toughest JobI hope she loves her card since we can’t be there to give it to her. It’s only a little token of my appreciation to the woman that raised me. Through the public spit ups and meltdowns to the teenage years where I was a total brat. (Something to look forward to with my two girls) Despite all the poop finger painting, yeah it’s a thing, at least in my house it is. Countless hours we spend rocking and singing our littles to sleep. Snuggling the ickiness out when they are sick. Being a Mom is also the most rewarding job.  

All my friends thought I was crazy when I didn’t finish school and decided I wanted to be a Mom more than I wanted to be whatever it was my major was that month. I love my girls so much and it was the best decision I made. It filled a place in my heart that has never been touched before. Just getting a hug from my girls reminds me of this each day. Maybe they will let me sleep in on Mother’s day! 

Do you think American Greetings missed something on the World’s Toughest Job posting? Head over to the discussion page and share your job requirement.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day! 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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