Sentencing is In

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So the jury has returned and the verdict is in. The sentencing commences with a captivated audience. You are hear by sentenced to a year of no travel. Monthly cardiologist visits. An extremely loud Apnea monitor. In home nurse visits. Oh yes, and a 3 hour sleep schedule.

In order to leave my child with someone I have to train them in all the cardio terms, along with how to break an SVT attack. A strict eating and medication schedule and apnea monitor training. Which by the end of all that just makes it easier to stay home and watch Netflix.

For my last night of childless freedom for the next year I decided to do everything I could to stock the house with food. We cleaned and spit shined windows. Ate dinner at a restaurant and went to a movie theater to watch The Hunger Games after slamming through the book. I felt like I should have gone clubbing or something. Because Hubby and I won’t be having date nights out of the house for a little while.

So tonight I am sleeping at the hospital making sure that the monitor is working properly. That I am giving her medications right and that she does ok with just me taking care of her. We are in a little family room watching TV while I try and snooze on this uncomfortable couch. I have more reminders and alarms on my phone than I know what to do. I’ve been sleeping through the night the entire time she has been in the hospital so I made sure the nurse pops her head in to check on me for safe keeping.

My nerves are shot and I spent the previous evening trying not to cry because I am so scared to bring her home. We are so used to the monitors in her NICU room that we are scared without them. She comes home this week to our noisy chaotic house. I’m excited about anytime snuggles but still scared of this SVT. Our cardiologist is a dream so he is keeping us sane.

2lbs in a month! Lil’ JaMonkey was 4lbs 10 oz when she was born. But after getting her heart regulated and things started circulating she dropped down to 3 lbs. She looked sickly and ill but she finally started gaining weight. A few ounces a day in most cases. She now weighs 6 lbs! She has a rounded face and she looks like a normal baby now.

Too Little
Chubby Face




Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Thinking of you and your family. We went through a similar situation with our first. She was 4lbs 11oz and was on the apnea monitor for a little over 6 months. She is now a sassy, independent, strong willed four year old with no problems. The monitor was stressful, but we managed. Good luck and know you aren’t alone in your journey!

  2. Oh honey, her chubby cheeks rock!! You can do this, you know you can! You all are great parents and people and will make it work. Have confidence (though i know that’s easy for me to say!).

  3. I was sooooo nervous to take Ariel home, and I had none of that. I set alarms on my phone, when to wake up, when to feed her, when to pump. It’s hard but it gets easier once they get home. It’s hard and tiring, but worth it. So glad to hear she is coming home! She looks fantastic.


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