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We love Elf Magic! We started the tradition a few years ago when JaMonkey became old enough. We’ve captured our Elfcapades over the years on Instagram. My daughter loves her Elf Magic Elf Lily, so when a new elf arrived at our house for Peanut it was twice the fun and twice the magic. 

The elves are very busy this time of year, so your child has to write a letter to Santa to see if he will let the elves come visit. My daughter was able to write her entire letter by herself this year. It was so sweet. She asked if Lily could come back again this year and play. The day after Thanksgiving our Elf Lily returned to spread the Christmas cheer and remind JaMonkey that her mischief is coming. 

A few days after Lily came to visit, a new special Elf Magic Elf arrived to watch over Peanut. Her name is Brianna, and she is the adorable curly blonde one. Her and Lily have been having lots of fun elfcapades around our house each night. They ride around in doll cars and hang out in stockings so the dogs don’t eat them. 

I love how much my girls love their elves. They carry them around the house and make everyone kiss them. Peanut has even learned the word elf. She gets so excited when she finds them. They are going to be sad when they go home with Santa on Christmas Eve. 

This year Elf Magic introduced a new friend to be with the elves! Ho Ho Husky  is the cute cute with the elves. They also have  a Magical Reindeer and fun fashions in case your elf decides to stick around all year long. 

Elf Magic

Elf Magic was the first Elf tradition to be introduced to the market and sold as a complete set, and it’s the only tradition that allows your child play and cuddle with their Elf. Their magic is not lost if a child touches the Elf, and children never have to worry that an elf  is watching them to report to Santa on their behavior like some other traditions. The Elf Magic Elf is not used to modify a child’s behavior; therefore the child and elf become Best Elf Friends Forever (BEFF).  Elf Magic captures Christmas spirit you can hold in your hand and feel in your heart.

Make sure you check out these adorable Elf Magic Elves. They are SOOOO adorable and there are so many to choose from. Make sure you are following me on Instagram so you can follow all of our #Elfcapades 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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