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 Dorm Snacking and Storage

The current generation of college students and teens are tech savvy. They probably spend 80% of their time on technology and the other portion of that sleeping. So it doesn’t surprise me that technology is creating new ways to get us the stuff we want and need. Now it’s a simple as sending a tweet! Man if I was still in college I’d have a steady stream of wish list items that my parents could send me. My sister is living the college life right now and now she can add stuff to her wish list and we can send her card packages whenever she needs it. Even the midnight snacks.

Enjoying Brew Over Ice from Keurig
My college buddy (sister)

Some of my favorite care package items would be…

Slim JimLate night craving for something bold that fills the hunger. That was Slim Jim’s for me.

Swiss MissThrow in the mini marshmallows and snuggle up with your books. Back then coffee was gross to me so I drank a lot of hot chocolate. Especially during fall and winter time. I could bring it with me to class and stay warm. 

DAVIDS: Do you remember have bags of sunflower seeds everywhere? Different flavors like Ranch, BBQ, Jalepeno Hot Salsa or Dill Pickle. They were easy and popable. 

OrvilleWho doesn’t love popcorn? I remember my first dorm room, when someone popped popcorn it was like waking up to fresh coffee. Noses would appear in the hallway until they found the source. Friends would come over to “hang out” with you. It was one of those easy snacks that you could store in small dorm rooms with ease.


Storing all of these snacks can be a challenge though. I found a few fun way to make sure you have your snacks stored neatly in your dorm room. First get a set of risers for your bed. If you aren’t using the bunk bed style that is. Putting risers up gives you a big area underneath your bed that can be used to put storage drawers. risers

I’ve also seen other use an over the door hanging shoe organizer to store their snacks. I love that idea. 

via Money Saving Queen


When your college student uses the #AmazonWishList feature it allows you to keep a running list of things your student needs and send them directly to their door without ever entering a store! It’s simple really, all you have to do is reply to any tweet that contains an amazon link in it and include the #AmazonWishList for it to be moved to your wish list. 

Join in for the first #AmazonWishList shopping party on Wednesday, October 15th from 11-12pm EST.  Amazon will be offering special promotions during the hour on products like the ones I’ve listed above when purchased using the #AmazonWishList feature. You just have to use the #AmazonWishList and #AmazonHasIt hashtags to get the discount. Plus, Amazon will be giving away 10 Kindles as prizes during the party!

Slim Jim, Swiss Miss, DAVIDS, and Orville will be $1 off during the Shopping Party when purchased from Twitter using #AmazonWishlist There will be other great discounts during the party also!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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