Simple and Cheap Way to Organize Kids Puzzles

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Kids puzzles can take up so much space in your house. I found a cheap easy way to organize puzzles so that they make clean up and storing them a breeze. This project literally only takes a few minutes and all of the supplies came from the dollar store. The cost will depend on the number of puzzles you have. But it’s about $1 a puzzle and the cost of the storage box you choose! I went for a cheap and easy option because we have a lot of puzzles that needed to be stored.

How Organize Kids Puzzles to Conserve Space

I used zippered clear pencil pouches to store the puzzles in. They make the puzzles thin stackable. Plastic bags tear and they don’t stay flat. These pencil pouches are vinyl and have zippers, so they are much stronger. I also like the ones with holes on the side. If you don’t want to place the puzzles into a box you can file them in a three or two ring binder! You can find them at any dollar store in the school supply section.

Here is a pack of 24 of them that are perfect for this project. 

Zippered Vinyl Pouch Pack of 24


If you want to store them in a binder instead of a box these are perfect!

How to Organize Kids Puzzles

After you have the puzzle in the pencil pouch you need to get the picture so you remember what the puzzle is and how many pieces are in the puzzle.IMG_1507

Cut the image off of the box that the puzzle came in. How to Organize Kids PuzzlesPlace the puzzle picture in with the puzzle pieces and seal up the bag with the zipper. 
How to Organize Kids Puzzles

“File” the puzzles away in a Puzzle box or binder. You can fit multiple puzzles in the box now, freeing up a lot more shelf space for other things. How to Organize Kids Puzzles

I found this soft pop-up storage box at Five Below. 

Here are some other ways to organize around your house:


How Organize Kids Puzzles to Conserve Space

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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