Snowman Kisses Printable DIY Tic Tac Stocking Stuffer

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Who doesn’t love a simple stocking stuffer idea? We all like simple things in our stockings and instead of having a name brand sticking out, you can cover them with this cute printable. If you can’t find white Tic Tac’s you could use these on a gum packet as well.
Snowman Kisses Printable DIY Tic Tac Stocking Stuffer



Box of White Tic Tacs

Double Sided Tape or Strong Glue


Printable (best results if printed on white cardstock)

Optional Materials:

X-Acto Knife

Single Hole Punch



Directions to assemble Snowman Kisses DIY Tic Tac stocking stuffers:

1. Cut out Snowman Kisses packaging and poems from the printable.

2. Optional: Using an X-Acto knife, carefully cut out the bottom snowball from the snowman so the Tic Tacs can be seen through the packaging.

3. Fold along the two gray center lines of the packaging to create a cover for the tic tac’s.

4. Place a piece of double-sided tape or a drop of strong glue on the inside of the back cover. Place the package of Tic Tac’s directly on top – pressing down so it is secure.

5. Add a piece of double-sided tape or strong glue to the front (top half) of the Tic Tac packaging, and place the poem on top. You may need to trim down the edges of the poem slightly, so it is aligned with the edge of the Tic Tac’s box.

6. Optional: Using a single hole punch, punch a hole along the right side (centered between the top and bottom) in the front and back of the packaging cover. Cut a ribbon and place it through the holes and tie into a bow to complete the cover and keep it closed.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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