Sparks of Goodness Teaches Kids About Little Acts of Kindness

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Sponsored by author T.A. Barron and the Spark Goodness program.

It’s amazing how a little act of kindness can change the way you feel all day. Do your kids love finding new ways to help out and give back in their community? T.A. Barron, the author of the Merlin series, created a fantastic Spark Goodness campaign to help shed light and reward children for even the smallest acts of kindness. 

I love this campaign and what it teaches children, that even a little spark of goodness can make a difference. It empowers kids to be kinder and more helpful in life. For each “spark” that a child submits to the Spark Goodness website, they are entered to win a prize. Each month the prizes are different. Kids can submit their sparks until October 2018! 

This month, JaMonkey had a few of her own little sparks of goodness. Squish had a really bad dream this past month that has caused her to be scared at bedtime. JaMonkey decided to let her sister have a “sleepover” in her room. Needless to say, Squish was ecstatic, and she had no trouble falling asleep that night. That little gesture made her Sisters night. It also warmed my heart. 

Other ways we are sharing Sparks of Goodness include collecting the eggs and feeding our neighbors chickens while they are away. This teaches them about responsibility as well as some great life skills. ChickensThere are some great summer programs that kids can get involved in around the community too. See if you can find some food pantries that provide summer lunch programs for kids. We did this with our local YMCA and JaMonkey made lunches for underprivileged children that rely on school lunch for food. These lunch programs keep kids going during the summer months when the schools are closed. Summer is also the perfect time to help out in a community garden or sharing your own crops! 

Have clothes that no longer fit? Make a donation to a local shelter. Offer to help walk a shelter dog. Donate pet food to that shelter. Grab a bag and pick up trash around the park or on your next walk. Little sparks, big impact. 

Need more Summer Spark ideas? Here are 50 to get you started! (Click on the image to download)

Click to download

Keep track of all your child’s sparks with this handy Summer Sparks Tracker. Then, visit Spark Goodness to submit your sparks to be entered to win the monthly prize. Make sure you snap a picture or video (not required but fun to share).

Click image to download

How will your kids Spark Goodness this summer?Sparks of Goodness Teaches Kids About Little Acts of Kindness



Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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