Spooky Spider Treat Bags – Halloween Craft

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Bring on the creepy crawlies. Make spider treat bags filled with tasty candy. This simple Halloween craft is fun for the kids to make and bring to a Halloween party or gathering.

Spooky Spider Treat Bags

The great thing about this Halloween craft is that you can put any kind of candy into the bags. I love the idea of using Reese’s pieces because of the fall colors. You can also sort the candy by color.

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Spooky Spider Treat Bags

Spooky Spider Treat Bags


What you will need



  • Start by laying a 12” piece of tulle on a flat surface. Pour about ¼ cup of Reese's pieces candy in the center. Pull all of the sides up together and tie a clear hair elastic around the tulle. Wrap around a couple of times so it creates a tight closure - ensuring none of the candy is able to fall out. Trim off most of the excess tulle.
  • Place the bag of candy on a flat surface with the elastic tie hidden in the back towards the bottom. Use scissors to cut four black pipe cleaners in half. Bend and shape each piece into a spider leg.
  • Push one leg through the side of the treat bag to create a small hole. Add three more pipe cleaner spider legs into the same hole.
  • Repeat this process for the opposite side so all eight spider legs are attached to the treat bag.
  • Next, use a hot glue gun or glue dots to add two wiggle eyes to the front of the bag. You want to be sure not to get any glue on the candy. You can do this by carefully pulling the tulle away from the candy and adding each eye - allowing the glue to dry before letting the tulle snap back into place.


Repeat this process until you have as many treat bags as you need.
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