Spring Cleaning Prep with Junkluggers

This post is brought to you by Junkluggers. They provided service in exchange for my honest review.

It’s that time of year again when the Spring cleaning kicks into full gear, except in my house, where my junk piles have reached hoarding levels, and I can’t organize my garage because we have too much stuff piling up. This is where Junkluggers of North Atlanta comes into play.

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Quarantine brought a lot of changes to our day-to-day activities. My husband built an office and seed starting room for our garden. That meant the displacement of lots of things that I had stored in the attic. Being home all the time also meant that we were giving our already worn-down couch more work to do. It wouldn’t be a truly chaotic event if something crazy didn’t happen as well. So throw in a refrigerator breaking down, and you have a garage full of “out with the old, in with the new.”

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My garage was so filled with junk that needed to be hauled away that I couldn’t walk through to get to our overflow shelves and refrigerator. To declutter and sort through my different storage areas, I needed to get to those areas. I had piles of boxes that needed to be donated. Clothing that no longer fits. Games and toys that the girls no longer wanted, along with a massive box of old computers and a ridiculous amount of cords that were never going to see the light of day again. Old electronics that need to be recycled

I was excited about Junkluggers of North Atlanta because they don’t just haul away items to the dump; they go through the items and see what can be recycled and what can be consigned. One of the main reasons I had such a huge pile of electronics is that I wanted to make sure that they were properly recycled. I always missed those special recycling days, so they all just piled up. 

Whether you have a little junk to haul away or a full truck full like I did, Junkluggers will haul it away in an eco-friendly manner. When you call Junkluggers, you’ll set up a complimentary quote. They schedule a time to come out to your house and take a look at the items that need to be taken from the home. It can be a 1/4 of a truck up to a full truck; if you’re happy with the quote, the team can start right then or come back when you are ready. When the team came to my house, they were in and out with a completely full truck in under 20 minutes! I showed them where everything was, and they got to work. For the team to haul away everything, it was around $600. Because I had a refrigerator that needed to be disposed of properly (draining of antifreeze, etc.), there was a small environmental fee.

Now that all the big items and boxes I already had together for donation have been cleared out of the way, I have room to move around my garage to organize. My goal is to be able to park in there again. With multiple kayaks, camping supplies, and an entire wall of holiday decorations, I still have a lot of work to do. Having the big stuff out of the way is a great start, though. My husband doesn’t have to drive back and forth to different places unloading our junk. In one visit, they got the stuff I needed out. 

If you are in the Atlanta area and need eco-friendly junk removal, take the time to call Junkluggers of North Atlanta for a free quote. The team was fast and kind. I love that the priority is to recycle or send items to consignment before it goes to a landfill.



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