Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Immersive Play Disney Parks App Experience

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You can interact with every aspect of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge with the Play Disney Parks app. When you cross into Batuu your Play app will transform into a “galactic datapad” that will help guests be immersed in the story on a deeper level. This is a feature that will come in handy when you’re waiting in the long lines of Smuggler’s Run and Rise of the Resistance.Play Disney Parks Galaxys Edge

Pack the backup batteries for your smartphone because this app is going to be fun to use around Galaxy’s Edge.

There are three ways to experience the app, as a member of the Resistance, loyal to the First Order, or a scoundrel trying to avoid both!

You’ll be able to interact with droids and take “jobs.” As you progress through the app by completing jobs you will earn rewards like ship schematics, star maps, galactic credits and more. You’ll be able to interact and unlock a new level of storytelling beyond what you see.

What you can do on the Play Disney Darks App in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

There are a few ways that you can interact around the park:

  • Translate – There are galactic languages—both written and spoken around the park. If you see one you can scan it with the visual translation tool to see what it says.
    Translate Play Disney
  • Scan – There are cargo and shipping crates around the park and on them are barcodes you can scan and see inside what is hidden them.Scan Play Disney
  • Tune – Tune into the various communications satellite dishes and antennae. You can intercept the messages being sent by the planet’s many residents to uncover stories and secrets throughout the land—and unscramble transmissions being sent from far, far away.
    Tune Play Disney
  • Hack – Hack into the land’s many devices, like blinking control panels, some of the ships and droids. You’ll recognize the hack screen looks a lot like the control pads that R2D2 hacks to get into the computers systems to open doors or say find Princess Leia in a cell.
    Hack Play Disney app

The idea is that you aren’t just visiting Black Spire Outpost, you’re learning about the area and becoming a persona in this world. The way that you interact with the app will determine how the story unfolds around you. It’s going to be a creative way to experience Galaxy’s Edge and we can’t wait to check it out.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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