Starting Violin Lessons

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Nothing makes you prouder than  your daughter telling you that she doesn’t want to take dance or karate like the other kids. Instead, she tells you she’d rather learn to play the violin. Talk about being floored. My husband and I looked at each other for a minute to let it sink in. So I started looking immediately for a teacher. I had no idea that kids could start learning the violin at age 3! When I was picking up my daughters violin from the store I saw the most amazing tiny little violin made for little ones like 3 year olds. 20130831_092419

Isn’t it adorable? So we found a great teacher online and set everything up for her. So far we’ve had only one lesson but it went great and I think she is going to really like it. I’m sure it’s a challenge working with a 5 year old to play such a complicated (to me) instrument so I’m glad I went with a female college student to be the one to teach her. She seems more like a friend to her instead of a teacher. 


It’s beautiful really. Hearing a child express interest in something so amazing. Music was a big part of both my husband and my life goring up so I’m glad she is wanting to do the same. My husband played the clarinet and I played the flute and the piccolo. Neither of us had access to a string instrument because it was simply band in school, no orchestra.

I hope she sticks with it. She has a temper when it comes to things she doesn’t know or isn’t sure of. I hope the violin doesn’t catch the wrath of that. 


Wish us luck!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. She is so pretty. Good luck with lessons.

    Our 6 year old is starting to say he wants to learn to play the drums. I’m not sure I want to handle the noise from practicing.

  2. My son is 3 and showing a high interest in playing the piano. I am very excited for his interest but I am going to wait until he is 5 to start lessons.


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