Staying Healthy During Long Road Trips

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Staying Healthy During Long Road TripsSave yourself some money and the dreaded vacation weight gain from the junk food overload. Road trips are the worst for eating unhealthy because you are left with gas station and drive-thru food. We prefer to pack our foods ahead of time so that we aren’t tempted to buy foods that we don’t normally eat. We also have some great tips about staying active on those long drive. 

When we do stop for a meal, we stop somewhere we can get a vegatable that isn’t a potato. It’s a chance to stretch our legs, use the bathroom, and eat better. I work these stops into our trip time because I would rather arrive and feel good than feel terrible from icky food and being in the car too long. Skip the drive-thru and head inside to eat your food. It gives your family a chance to use the restroom, walk around, and keep your car clean. 

Next time you roll through the next Rest Area take the time for everyone to get out of the car. There is no resting at the rest area! Traveling with little ones that are potty training, this is a must. Sometimes they won’t tell you they have to go until it is too late. Make it a habit to make them at least sit on the potty during every stop. My husband takes a jog at rest areas while I take a walk with the girls. It’s amazing how much it helps. It helps increase the bloodflow as well. When you fly on long plane rides (like America to Australia) they make everyone do in-flight yoga and get up and walk around so you don’t develop blood clots. 

Here are some of the snacks we eat during our long road trips. 

Pack Lunch – Rest areas have a collection of picinic tables around the area. You can pack a cooler full of cold cuts for sandwiches and have a picinic while you’re stretching your legs. I normally grab a few essentials and assemble them when we are ready to eat so that they aren’t soggy when you go to eat them. File Jan 04, 3 25 07 PM

Pouch snacks – I’m a fan of the easy pouches that you can throw in a cooler. Stonyfield Yo Kids yogurt, GoGo Squeez Applesauce, and Honest Kids juices. All organic options with no added nonsense. 

Fresh fruit – Grab fruits that have a tough outer peel so that it can withstand a trip. We like apples, bananas, and clementines.   Dried Fruit – Peeled makes a line of dried fruits in a bunch of different varieties with nothing added to them. Just dried fruits. Dried fruits hold their natural sugar in them so my kids think they are eating a special treat. 

Homemade fruit roll ups – Make a batch of homemade fruit leather to bring on the road. Made from fresh fruit and juice, it’s another snack your kids will love without all the nonsense. 

Crunchy – Peas Please are like healthy Cheetos, but made from peas! The best part is that my kids LOVE them, so when you want to grab a bag of chips for something crunchy, you should try these Peeled Peas Please snacks. 

There are lots of great options for staying healthy during your road trips with your kids. I hope these tips are helpful to you and your family. Have lots of fun and remember it’s about making memories even when you’re on the road to get there. Road trips don’t have to be torture. 



Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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