Summer Fun with Toy Story 4 Carnival Games and Toys

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Can you believe Toy Story 4 is right around the corner? School is out and it’s playtime for all the toys. Shop Disney has just released all the amazing Toy Story 4 toys and gear you can dream of for everyone fans in the family. From amazing bags for mom, plushies, kids clothes and even back to school gear. But the best part is the toys!

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Toy Story 4 Carnival Games

Toy Story 4 has some scenes that take place at a carnival, and what better way to get excited about the movie then with carnival games! These are some fun games I found at ShopDisney.

Toy Story 4 Carnival Chalk Activity – Join Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and the Toy Story 4 gang for outdoor fun and games with this Carnival Chalk Activity set. Featuring cornhole box, chalk sticks, chalk toss bags, and target rings, it’s sure to land plenty of smiles.Toy Story Carnival Chalk Activity

Toss Across – It’s the Tic-Tac-Toe you know but with added action, competitive play and a Toy Story 4theme! Toss the beanbags and try to get the rotating targets to flip and show either Woody or Bo Peep — three in-a-row wins!Toy Story Toss Across

Kerplunk – The classic game has been given a fresh twist with this special version inspired by Toy Story 4. Be careful not to let Ducky and Bunny fall down the clear carnival-themed tower, or try the special game mode with Buzz Lightyear.Toy Story Kerplunk

Buzz Lightyear Carnival Rescue – Buzz Lightyear – here as a Hot Wheels car – speeds to rescue his Toy Story 4 friends Ducky and Bunny from being trapped as carnival prizes! If he doesn’t make the jump into the right bullseye ring, he could end up becoming a prize, too!Buzz Lightyear Carnival Rescue

Duke Caboom Stunt Racer Launcher – Relive the exciting career of legendary Canadian stunt rider Duke Caboom with our Toy Story 4-inspired launcher set. Pose Duke on the motorcycle, roll it back and forth to rev it, attach to launcher and press the handle to see him ride!Duck Caboom Stunt Launcher

Pizza Planet Claw Machine – While the Pizza Planet claw machine is from the first movie, it was too cute not to share! The future of the little Space Aliens is in your grasp as you take control of The Claw with this fully functional Space Crane. Use the joystick to liberate the verdant Aliens from Pizza Planet’s rocket-shaped game, as featured in Toy Story.Pizza Planet Claw Machine

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New Interactive Toy Story 4 Toys

I have seen some videos of these toys in action and they are so cool! All of these figures have more than 10 phrases and will talk to each other if they are nearby. When they start talking to the other toy, they start saying special sayings!

  • Woody – The Woody action figure looks so much like the real Woody with Andy written on his foot and everything. When you say Someone is coming he falls to the ground! ”Trash? You’re not going in the trash,” ”Operation pull-toy,” and ”Hang on, little guy.” I can’t even with this cuteness.
  • Forky – Forky wiggles back and forth on his base and his feet move up and down when you push him. ”I’m not a toy,” and ”Can we stop? My sticks are tired.”
  • Bo Peep –  Her cape is removable some sayings include, ”I’m getting my sheep back,” and ”Oh, there’s someone I want you to meet.”
  • Buzz Lightyear – Buzz lights up and says things like ”This planet is toxic,” ”Scanning perimeter,” and ”Laser at full power.”
  • Jessie – ”Don’t worry, Jessie never gives up,” and ”This here cowgirl always finds a way”
  • Rex – ”I am the dominant predator,” ”Were you scared? Tell me honestly,” and ”I just can’t take this kind of pressure”
  • Bullseye – galloping sound effects, and other sounds when he detects another Toy Story interactive figure nearby.


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