Sweet Baby Girl Has a Name #WW

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If you missed the big news about How a Normal Day Became a Birth Story you should read this first. 😉
She didn’t have a name picked out because she was so early. I’m glad we waited so that her name could come to us after seeing her.

Adelia Hope
Proud Big Sister
Thankful and Proud Parents

Meet my sweet new Lil’ JaMonkey

Adelia Hope

Adelia (ah DEE lee ah) – noble; noble kind
Hope – expectation; belief; the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Beautiful name! Stay strong! Just know as the days pass she will get stronger and stronger. Babies are so resilient! I prayed for her today and for your healing. I also prayed for you to have great nurses. They can make or break your day.

  2. As so sweet! She DOES look just like her sister! I’m glad to hear you are both doing better! I love her name!!!

  3. A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! Side note take tons, and I means tons of a photos when you visit her, it will help you be able to bond more while she is in the NICU. Didn’t know this till after I had already taken tons of Ariel.

    She really is a good size preemie, and gorgeous!

  4. I’m in tears, at work … catching up on all you’ve been through this past few days! I’m so glad to hear they helped her in time – she’s beautiful, and with such a perfect name! Good job, mom.

    Take care of yourself and that new precious little one!


    The Colorado Mountain Mom

  5. She is absolutely beautiful! She looks STRONG, and HEALTHY, and SPARKLY of course! You’ve got this Momma! Her name is as lovely as she is! I will continue to send sparkles your way. Maybe I’ll meet her and kiss those adorable little cheeks one day!


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