Tell Someone You Love to Be Great Out There

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I’ve always felt that when you surround yourself with great people that lift you up and encourage you that you’ll live a happier life. That’s one reason I’m so close with my family. I know that when I want to share some good news that others won’t be as excited about I always call my parents. It’s an uplifting feeling when you family that tells you how proud they are of you. But it is also nice to receive those words of encouragement on the daily struggles of life, not just when something cool happens. The times when you aren’t expecting it. It tends to put a smile on my face for sure.    

Since Facebook introduced the “Memories” feature that shows you things from your feed since you joined Facebook, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the things I used to post years ago and now. Sometimes I look back and go, Goodness, I can’t believe I put that on Facebook! Now we all like to Vaguebook and drop hints but my point is, sometimes you want to see your feed filled with happy moments and words of encouragement to one another. 

Nature Valley® is partnering with Facebook to invite people to send messages of support and encouragement to a loved one, to highlight the power that emotional support can have in helping each and every one of us through the everyday challenges in life, big or small. And isn’t making someone smile the most rewarding thing? My mom is a queen of doing this. I always see such great messages for others to be great out there that she has shared. This unique partnership allows you to share a message of encouragement to a person in your life that may need it. While my mom is generally on the giving side of this encouragement, I know she could use a pick me up because the last few weeks have been tough for her. But she’s killing it in her new position at work and she needs to hear it, maybe even shouted from the rooftops! 
My mom isn’t just my hero, my girls look up to her too. When we go to visit, they get to do lots of things that the don’t get to experience in the suburbs. We went to visit a few weeks ago and got to spend lots of time on the lake and also picking strawberries that we promptly ate with our dinner. 
Share a little extra encouragement with someone who matters to you by telling them they’ll #BeGreatOutThere. Send your own inspirational message thanks to Nature Valley at Download and save on Nature Valley with this coupon.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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