That Time My Daughter Got Her Own Key to the House

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The fact that my oldest is becoming a tween is still shocking to me. But while I am sad that she is growing up so fast I am enjoying her new independence. This school year my daughter is allowed to get off the school bus by herself. So while we were planning our front door makeover, I wanted to get a new lock for the door that would be easy for her to use. So I’ve partnered with Schlage to install and use the Schlage® Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm in our home. I’ve excited about all the great features it has to offer. Front Door Makeover

We chose the Schlage® Connect™ Century style because of the clean lines that matched our Craftsman style house. There are a lot of styles and finishes to choose from so you can find something for every style and color door. I wasn’t sure about the Matte Black finish that I picked, but I think it makes the teal and white pop on the door. Schlage Connect

Technology keeps making huge advances, and the smart home is the perfect example of that. The Schlage® Connect is equipped with  Z-Wave technology, but there are other Schlage® locks that you can use with your smartphone, by asking Siri or using your Apple Watch to open the door. We can program unique codes for the lock for everyone in the house or people we want to have access like a pet sitter. The alarm is a great feature that gives me peace of mind when we are sleeping or away on vacation. It has three features that will make an audible sound if the door is jiggled or opened. There is also a forced entry option that if someone tries to kick the door, the alarm will sound for a full three minutes. Schlage® locks come with a three year Limited Electronics Warranty as well. Schlage Connect

After we got everything installed, I let me daughter pick out her own key for the new lock. Of course, she picked out the cutest princess key. I got her a key chain that has a clip on it so that she can secure it in her backpack. The main purpose for choosing this door lock though was the keypad that she could just enter the code and get into the house in case she loses her key. I know how kids are, and I’ve lost my fair share of keys when I was younger. Schlage Connect

I worry about her getting off the bus sometimes because the preschool pickup is so close to bus drop off. It something was to happen on the way from one school pickup like a flat tire or an accident that causes traffic to reroute me the long way, there is a chance that I may not make it back in time. I like knowing that she can get into the house and start on her homework (or eat a snack because you know that’s the first thing kids ask to do when they get home) before I get home.    Schlage Connect

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schlage®.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I was trying to think of when I got my first house key, and I think I was Jamonkey’s age! I too, had a Caribbeaner in my backpack… actually… I still have one. 🙂 I can’t lose the keys!


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