The Best Father’s Day Tech Gift Surprise

I’m a lucky lady. I’m married to a man that turned out to be an amazing husband and an even better father. You guys, he does the dishes! But aside from the fact that I snagged a man that likes to cook and helps me keep my sanity, he decided to join me in the “Never Stop Learning” club. So this Father’s Day I’ve partnered with Intel to gift him with the ultimate tech gift, Intel sent us an HP 15.6″ Silver Fusion laptop so that he can embark on this journey of being a student again, fully prepared. 

My husband is following his passion for physics, a topic in which he always says, “You don’t know nothin’ about no dark matter!” He couldn’t be more right about that. My brain glazes over when he is listening to one of his many podcasts about particle or astrophysics.  I’m just excited that he is following his dreams and has the same mentality that no matter how old we get, we never have to stop learning. If you want to go to space, you work your butt off and go to space! He’s already told me that he wants to go to space when we retire. Hopefully, it won’t cost our entire retirement by that time. Until then I’ll keep his head in the books so he can get his degree. 

Squish helped me wrap Daddy’s present. Even made me dig through the closet for a bow. “We can’t give it to him without a bow,” she told me. She also had to help him unwrap it! She was so excited to surprise him. The girls look up to him so much. JaMonkey idealizes him and wants to do everything with him. I love watching them together. He is such an amazing father. I need to break out my camera more often to catch their sweet moments. Daddy was so excited about his new computer. He currently has a work computer that he has been issued, and it is locked down tight, so it makes it difficult to take his online classes and research for any papers due. Installing programs is a big no-no, so he really needed his own laptop to work on. He couldn’t be happier with the HP 15.6″ Silver Fusion Touchscreen Laptop.

One of the things that he was super excited about was the keyboard. It includes a number pad on it which he has been without for a long time, which is frustrating because he punches in numbers a lot for his job. It was the first thing he noticed when he opened it up. 
The HP Silver Fusion is equipped with an Intel Cor i3-6100U processor and 1 TB hard drive. That is huge for a computer with such a great price tag. It also has Windows 10 OS which we are finally getting a chance to try. His work computer is still rocking XP! Windows 10 offers Cortana which is Microsoft’s virtual assistant. She can do all kinds of things like setting up reminders for his assignments due or put family events on his calendar.The Intel Core i3-6100U processor and 8GB of memory give it a powerful performance to open programs or stream HD videos. It boasts up to 6 hours of battery power. The HP Silver Fusion also has a touchscreen which makes playing games with the girls in his free time more fun. We’ve been playing mahjong quite a bit since it arrived. Squish is a pro already. I’m so glad that my husband has a great computer that he can do his school work on. He’s taking it slow like I did when I first started. Taking online classes where we can and going on campus when the kids are in school. That work-life-school balance is total chaos (because it doesn’t exist!), but that has always been our life. “Making sense of chaos,” the slogan for JaMonkey, was my husband’s idea. It only seems fitting that our lives thrive during the chaos. 

Of course he was reading about dark matter when I tried to get pictures of him using the laptop, because he is super nerdy and I love it! 

You can find the HP15.6″ Silver Fusion Touchscreen Laptop Available at Walmart

Sponsored by Intel
Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper is a writer, content creator, movie critic, and geek living in Atlanta, Ga. She loves movies, traveling, and lots of coffee. Member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association, Georgia Film Critics Association, and Atlanta Film Critics Circle.


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