The Big 30 Blowout

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This month I celebrated my second 29th birthday and hosted a party at my local Main Event Entertainment. I’ve never hosted an adult birthday party before, only kids birthdays, but we had such a blast. The staff at Main Event helped me plan the best party for my group of friends. There were only 9 of us but I knew we would want to include drinks in our party so they helped me factor all that in. 

We choose the Triple Play because I liked the food and the play options it offered. There were 6 menus to choose from and I choose the Tex Mex one for the variety and everyone agreed that it looked the best. We also got our own private room, which I didn’t think was going to be a big deal, but ended up being awesome because Saturday’s are busy and it gets loud in there. With the door closed we didn’t have to yell to each other across the room. Our food was set up buffet style and we all fit at one table to have a nice conversation before going to play. 

Each of my guests had two drink tickets to enjoy their choice at the bar. It was a simple way to track everything going towards the party. 

It’s hard to get all of us together because a few of our friends work out of town a lot. But we made it happen and had a blast having all of us together. 

After dinner, we went bowling for 1 1/2 hours. We had two lanes all to ourselves to bring out our competitive side. Things got really interesting when we got our game cards, $10 for everyone, to play our hearts out on the arcade games. There was a lot of racing, air hockey, and punching bag challenging going on. I think the guys spent most of their time testing their manhood on that thing.  

My favorite part of the evening was all of us going to play laser tag. It’s one of my favorite past times and I could spend hours running around doing that. We all broke a serious sweat in there. 

It was the best way to celebrate my 30th  second 29th birthday. All my friends told me afterwards that they had such a blast. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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