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When an ultrasound tech tells you to go to the hospital, you panic. When you ask if we should go to your “delivery” hospital and she says it really doesn’t matter just get to the hospital, you freak. When we arrived at the hospital and found a heartbeat we were somewhat relieved. But another ultrasound showed that there was something to worry about. For the safety of the baby they didn’t want to wait for the cardiologist to arrive so they took her from me.

When the cardiologist visits you in recovery to tell you that your daughters heart is beating 280 beats per minute and that she has Congestive Heart Failure but not to worry, you still worry. But he scooped my hands into his hands and explained the best that he could that she was going to be just fine. In that moment I had total faith that he was right and that I need to trust him. It helped that he was the Chief of Cardiology with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Sibley Heart Center.

Over the following weeks that we were in the NICU we had a handful of Sibley Heart Doctors visit to check in on her, get her dosing right with medication and taught me all about SVT. They taught me about the vagal maneuvers that I would need to preform in order to break her SVT Attacks. They made me feel better about my daughters heart condition. I was nervous that our lives would be extremely difficult do to it. They reassured me that she was going to be just fine and that it might even just go away.

I decided to stick with Dr. Campbell as our pediatric cardiologist not only because of how amazing he handled me or the chief of cardiology but he was an arrhythmia specialist. He tells all the nurses that this is his baby. He also tells me that he’s going to send all the SVT babies home with me so that they get better faster.

It’s not just Adeila’s heart they are healing it’s mine too. We thought we had lost our sweet baby girl and they took and are still taking great care of her. People ask me why I’m a Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Mom to Mom Blogger and all I have to say is because they are the best. They fix my babies when they need it. They have been named “Best Children’s Hospitals” by U.S. News with the Cardiac Program ranking top 5 in the nation. I know it helps me sleep at night.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I am so happy to hear all about the awesome care you and Adelia received and that everything is going so well with you – it’s always such a joy to hear good news coming from you. And yay. Just. Yay.


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