The Hobbit Hits the Big Screen

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J.R. R. Tolkien’s much loved book finally see’s the big screen. This movie has been long awaited by fans everywhere. It’s the beginning of Middle Earth and the epic adventures it has in store for Blibo Baggins and eventually Frodo. Peter Jackson returns to bring the story to life like only he can.

Local Shire hobbit Bilbo Baggins, uncle of Frodo Baggins, is living a quiet, peaceful life until Gandalf the Grey knocks on his door. A band of wandering dwarves shows up one or two at a time. The goal? To hire poor Bilbo for a quest (as a burglar) that entails defeating a dragon and recovering (burgling) a treasure. Along the way there are adventures with trolls and elves, a battle with goblins, the naming of Bilbo’s sword as Sting after a battle with some spiders, escaping from Wargs, and a barrel ride in a river. There is a great battle, The Battle of Five Armies, which includes men, dwarves, elves, goblins with Wargs, and more. Most importantly of all, part of this story leads Bilbo into Riddles in the Dark where he meets Gollum and in the process acquires a peculiar ring that has had and will have a great impact on the future of their world.

The Hobbit has been broken into 3 movies so we are only introduced to the beginning of this story. After seeing the movie I have a feeling that fans are going to think Jackson was going a little overboard with the story. The movie lags a bit in certain parts of the movie. I found myself saying “Come on let’s move on” a lot throughout the movie. The Lord of the Rings were long movies but the story never slowed down. You were held on the edge of your seat the whole time. But The Hobbit was broken into 3 movies. I could see it being 2 movies but not three. I felt like I was watching the extended version (which Jackson has already stated there will be an extended version released on Blu-Ray).

The cast from The Lord of the Rings returns in all their glory and are joined by a new band of fantastic faces. Everyone did a great job. The other thing about this movie is that it was filmed in 48 frames per second. Twice the normal speed. It was also filmed for 3D. Unfortunately I felt it was a waste of editing time because there wasn’t anything that stood out to me as being “cool to see in 3D.” So I would skip the 3D version for sure (save a few bucks) because it really didn’t need it.

Aside from the story being dragged out to no end the movie was a fantastic one. I’m a huge The Lord of the Rings fan so my excitement around the storyline of The Hobbit exceeded my expectations.
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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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